Tv Unit

You’ve just moved into a new residence and don’t have the money to furnish it? Alternatively, are you seeking a TV stand in the countryside? Or maybe you’re a sucker for unique interior design ideas? 

Following are the inspirational ideas for do-it-yourself TV stands – they will become the highlight of the room and cozy addition to the decor.

1. Drawer unit made of pallets

It fits perfectly into the industrial style, does not take much time to create, and requires serious investments. To prepare the pallet for work, you need to remove excess rusty nails and cut the product into two equal parts using a jigsaw. You can connect them with self-tapping screws or use only boards to form a table, securing them on top.

2. Cinder block construction

The remains of building materials are often used in interior and landscape design. Cinder blocks fell in love with users due to their rugged appearance and versatility. It also serves as a firm foundation for the TV, ensuring that the constructed cabinet remains stable.

3. Easel stand

This design is suitable for fixing a 40-50 inch TV. Thanks to the portable easel, you make the device mobile and can be adjusted to the desired height to suit your own needs. The elegant product will perfectly fit into the minimalist style.

The materials used to create the stand are slats, screws, and an 8-inch hinge. The base for the TV should be more sturdy than that of a regular art easel. Use a cord between the bottom bar and the back support or a wooden shelf as an additional fixation.

4. Drawer stand

Another way to design a TV stand is to use wooden boxes. You will need containers, drills, and screws to hold the elements together. Even boxes heaped on top of each other will make a fascinating, albeit temporary, stand, but fasteners should be used to attach them for reliability.

5. Curbstone made of boards

Such a stand is as easy as possible to assemble, but it looks elegant and expensive: it all depends on the chosen material and the accuracy of the execution. To create, you need four boards – two long and two short, four furniture legs or four wheels.

Parts must be sanded and coated with a protective compound. They are assembled using wood glue and self-tapping screws. The top board serves as a tabletop, and the bottom panel serves as a storage shelf. Hand-made furniture adds uniqueness to the interior. It looks the most advantageous against the background of plain walls or fresh renovation, harmoniously fitting into a modern interior. Using available tools, you not only create designer furniture but also take care of the environment.