Bottle Green Coloured Bedroom

If you dream of a soothing bedroom, go for dark green. The dark green bedroom has a unique atmosphere. It is a bit mysterious, dark, and at the same time intimate, which allows you to relax and calm down properly. If you decide to go dark green in your bedroom, be sure to balance it out with some lighter colors – beige, gold, white or gray. Dark green is a color that looks great not only in the bedroom. They are also very trendy dark kitchen fronts and dark green tiles brick – laid vertically, make the bathroom becomes a vintage character.

Following are five fashionable arrangements with green in the lead role.

1. In a duet with a rose

This season’s most fashionable color combination – dark green and pastel, sweet pink complement each other. The perfect addition for this duo will be something shiny – in this case, gold (look at the original, gold sconces and candlesticks). 

If you decide to have a dark green wall in the bedroom and a dark green upholstery on the bed, try to make the greens very similar to each other

2. With other greens

Dark green goes well with other greens. In this bedroom, dark walls are combined with slightly lighter curtains and a bedspread. The bedside table and lamp are also green.

A light gray upholstered bed, a light floor, and a light carpet are a definite contrast – thanks to this, the interior is not too dark and overwhelming but full of space.

3. With wood

Wood is the perfect background for bottle green. The floor is made of wood in this attic bedroom, and the headboard and a chest of drawers.

White accessories add freshness – vases and other knick-knacks placed above the bed and the leaf motif – on pictures and bedding.

4. With gold

Dark green is made for golden accessories – it perfectly displays them and makes them look noble. In this quite dark bedroom, there are golden frames, lamps, and tables.

Dark gray and light beige sheets also appeared on the headboard of the bed in the room. This solution is definitely for large bedrooms (preferably with a window)

5. Green as an addition

Dark green in the bedroom can only be an addition to other colors. A green, velor, quilted headboard looks beautiful against a white wall and in the company of white bedding. Gray and beige would do just as well. See other arrangements with velor beds in the lead role!

Green bedrooms are begging for vegetation – place the pots on the windowsill and right next to the bed.