Bottle Green Coloured Bathroom

The bottle-green bathroom is exceptionally intimate – the dark green color relaxes and relaxes. The bottle green bathroom will beat the hearts of all lovers of vintage style. Dark green tiles blend beautifully with dark, old wood and golden elements. This color is not only reserved for the retro climate – it also works well in very modern interiors in combination with concrete and marble. Attention! Dark green optically reduces the room. If your bathroom is not too big, combine it with white, light gray, beige, or shiny accessories. 

Following are five fashionable arrangements with bottle green in the lead role.

1. Bottle green and white

We start our review of fashionable arrangements with a duo of bottles green and white. It is a good solution for small and medium-sized bathrooms – white optically enlarges the room and gives it a lot of light (even if there is no window).

The addition is matte black, which appears on the mirror frames and fittings. A great solution is using grooved panels with a marble pattern – it greatly diversifies the space.

2. Bottle green paint

In this bathroom, bottle green is on all walls, but only up to a certain height. Below are white brick tiles – a good solution if you don’t want the interior to become too dark and overwhelming.

Small mirrors in golden frames of various shapes look great on a dark wall.

3. Bottle green tiles

In the next bathroom, dark green tiles were placed only on one of the walls. Because they have a gleaming surface, they reflect light and optically enlarge the room.

They are juxtaposed with a white mosaic on the floor, an old wooden cabinet under the washbasin with golden fittings. To emphasize the “green” nature of the bathroom, plants appeared – one standing and one hanging.

4. Bottle green and wallpaper

Wallpaper in the bathroom is one of the most critical trends in arranging this room. And dark green begs for wallpaper with floral motifs!

In this interior, green appears on the wooden paneling and the shower tiles, albeit slightly lighter.

5. Bottle green and patterned tiles

Dark green likes patterns – which can be seen in the previous arrangement. The tiles inspired by the Moroccan style feature the same shade of green as on the wall – it looks incredible! The white mosaic balances the whole on the walls in the shower.