40 Amazing Patio Design Ideas

Patios are the additional space in the house where we can entertain ourselves and satisfy our cravings for the natural beauty. Patios have always been our favorite place for spending free hours, be it barbecuing in the afternoon, sipping cocktails or just for reading a book or relaxation. they are the ideal place for having an exotic meal, conversing with friends and family on the premises of your dwelling. We welcome you to our latest collection of “40 Amazing Patio Design Ideas”. Check out and get inspired by the best idea for your house.

When you are planning to get a patio design ready for your house, the important considerations to be kept in mind are do not be limited by convention or innovation, think about how you use the outdoor space and how you would like to transform the area creatively to fully utilize the needs of your family and make it more effective. Scroll down to our latest gallery and grab the best design idea for your house.

Patio Design Ideas

Amazing Patio Design Ideas

Patios are a hub for family-centered activities or gatherings, it is a place for meals; for children to play and for various fun activities. However, it is possible that too much sunlight may not be liked by all. Hence the Patio canopies allow us to enjoy the sun’s warmth without becoming burned by the sun. The Patio shades are a very useful addition to your outdoor comfort.

Attached Patio With Living Room

Attached Patio With living Room Dwellingdecor
Source: sdarch.com.au

This sophisticated and industrial style patio design along with the attached living room makes it look very spacious and a room filled with all the facilities. The combination of grey ceilings and wooden flooring is just perfect for the look.

Beach Style Patio Design

Beach Style patio design dwellingdecor
Source: z3propiedades.cl

Check out this patio design with Bamboo Shack Style Rooftop and large sofa for enjoying and relaxing the evening with a cool mind and awesome meals with friends and family.

Beach Style Sunroom Design

Beach Style Sunroom Design Dwellingdecor
Source: dwaynebergmann.com

This all-white Patio with white furnishings and hardwood pillars and an inbuilt swimming pool is a complete vacation place to spend wonderful and memorable time with friends and family.

Beautiful Eco friendly Outdoor Space

Beautiful Ecofriendly Outdoor Space Dwellingdecor
Source: odsarchitecture.com

This is a wonderful piece of art. The wooden walls with a small vertical garden and the real original tree in the center are just perfect to spend the evening. The garden walls are dramatically lit and the low planting wall transitions into a stone plinth for a soothing stone fountain.

Boldly Styled Contemporary Patio

Boldly Styled Contemporary Patio Dwellingdecor
Source: rollingstonelandscapes.com

This open styled Patio design is just wonderful to enjoy the natural beauty and it is a wonderful example of a courtyard that is able to meet a multitude of needs.

Colorful & Funky Patio Design

Colorful & Funky Patio Design Dwellingdecor
Source: decoracaoeideias.com

Check out this beautiful patio room with the choice of bright and vibrant colors combined with white. The overall effect of the spaces expertly mixed motif offers up a fun and funky place to throw a backyard party or simply enjoy an afternoon.

Comfortable Living Outside

Comfortable Living Outside Dwellingdecor
Source: bellaarchitects.com

This patio has all the comforts of home in a perfect outdoor setting. It offers a high ceiling with an industrial fan for extra comfort. Whether it is Summer or winter, this patio has it covered and it is also equipped with a stunning outdoor fireplace.

Concrete Paver Hardscape Patio Design

Concrete Paver Hardscape Patio design Dwellingdecor
Source: paradiserestored.com

Check out this Outdoor Living Spaces, Seat Wall, Firepit, Outdoor Fireplaces, Covered Wood Structures, Wood Fire Oven, Pizza Oven, Custom Wood Decking, Concrete Paver Hardscape.

Contemporary Garden Patio

Contemporary Garden patio dwellingdecor
Source: marktessier.com

Check out this Patio design with the oversized sofa, where one can warm themselves by the outdoor firepit/coffee table, and enjoy a movie under the stars.

Contemporary Patio Design With Pergola

Contemporary Patio Design With Pergola dwellingdecor
Source: edmundsstudios.com

Check out sturdy wood pergola that is shaded to perfection, and has just the right amount of fiery charm. The ultra-hip monochromatic furnishings and planters are contrasted by bright and fiery pops of red.

Contemporary Patio With Outdoor Cooking & Dining

Contemporary Patio With Outdoor Cooking & Dining Dwellingdecor
Source: arterrasf.com

Check out this lower garden that opens into inviting gathering spaces. There is also a cantilevered wood bench that wraps around a low concrete fire pit, the center for marshmallows & a quality family time after dinner.

Contemporary Style Patio With Beauty

Contemporary Style Patio With Beauty Dwellingdecor
Source: colorworksstudio.com

This is a great example of a classic brick patio with the showy carpet of flowers shades. Additional fireplace on the table and small freezer along with large Tv is the best place to get together.

Covered Patio With Gourmet Kitchen

Covered patio With Gourmet Kitchen Dwellingdecor
Source: aquaterraoutdoors.com

This gourmet outdoor kitchen cum patio design includes wood burning pizza oven, grill, side burner, egg smoker, sink, refrigerator, trash bin, serving station and what not to make it a complete holiday home.

Covered Patio With Rustic Touch

Covered Patio With Rustic Touch Dwellingdecor
Source: kkdesigngroup.com

The homeowners wanted an outdoor space that felt more rustic than their refined interior spaces, but still related architecturally to their house. Oversized wood beams and rafter members provide a unique outdoor atmosphere.

Craftsman Style Patio Design

Craftsman Style Patio Design dwellingdecor
Source: ginkgoleafstudio.net

This is a wonderful idea for designing a patio in the backyard of your house if you got enough space. Subtle uplighting of the seat wall back and wall fountain add to the drama.

Creative Outdoor Patio

Creative Outdoor patio Dwellingdecor
Source: creativeoutdoorsolutions.com.au

This patio is designed in such a way that it maximizes the minimal Courtyard Space while having a high level of detail and attractive features.

Expansive Outdoor Living

Expansive Outdoor Living Dwellingdecor
Source: myfancyhouse.com

This is a beautifully elegant and simple example of a patio design with an expansive outdoor space that is perfectly decorated for those who love entertainment in a big way. Slated horizontal wood beams elongate the rectangular patio’s longitudinal sense of space.

Farmhouse Style Small Patio

Farmhouse Style Small Patio Dwellingdecor
Source: classicbuilding.com.au

Frontyard Patio With Traditional Furniture

Frontyard Patio With Traditional Furniture Dwellingdecor
Source: hursthouse.com

This bright and colorful patio design with the fire pit is veneered in house brick, lined with a fire brick interior, includes a custom log grate and gas, and is finished with bluestone coping.

Huge Patio With Barbecue

Huge Patio With Barbeque Dwellingdecor
Source: dervissdesign.com

Indoor Patio With Large Space & Traditional Furniture

Indoor Patio With Large Space & Traditional Furniture Dwellingdecor
Source: thompsoncustomhomes.com

Laid-back Garden Patio With Fireplace

Laid-back Garden Patio With Fireplace Dwellingdecor
Source: purplestones.com

This patio design proves that the incorporation of a unique backyard patio and do-it-yourself lighting with a little creativity and can be wonderful when handled just right.

Luxurious Southwestern Style Patio

Luxurious Southwestern Style Patio Dwellingdecor
Source: czphx.com

Mediterranean Patio With Outdoor Kitchen

Mediterranean Patio With Outdoor Kitchen Dwellingdecor
Source: rgaid.com

The high-end and modern look of this patio’s style is achieved through its clever use of built-in features and a great choice of bold styling. It is spread over a huge space.

Midcentury Modern Style Bright Patio

Midcentury Modern Style Bright patio Dwellingdecor
Source: teserraoutdoors.com

This open patio design to create a beach at home is just awesome. The luxurious bright looking patio with lots of sitting area and a pool.

Modern Patio With Desert Landscaping

Modern Patio With Desert landscaping Dwellingdecor
Source: southwestboulder.com

Desert landscaping with a color combination of greys and reds complement and accentuate the pool, spa, and large outdoor fire pit.

Modern Vertical Garden Patio Design

Modern Vertical Garden Patio design Dwellingdecor
Source: marylousobel.com.au

This contemporary patio space showcase a stunning vertical garden. The greenery forms the backdrop to an exquisite and unique outdoor seating area. Pops of color and lively patterns dress up the space and add additional interest.

Outdoor Patio With Entertainment Unit

Outdoor Patio With Entertainment Unit Dwellingdecor
Source: westbaylandscape.com

In this patio design, almost everything has been reduced to its simplest form, and what was once a rooftop terrace has been transformed into a modern garden patio oasis. It has been recreated to make it a perfect holiday place.

Patio With Barbecue Surrounded With Recycled Australian Hardwoods

Patio With Barbecue Surrounded With Recycled Australian Hardwoods
Source: mrmitchell.com.au

The renovation of this contemporary patio design saw the introduction of warm natural materials to soften an otherwise cold contemporary interior.

Rooftop Living With Great Ambiance

Rooftop Living With Great Ambience Dwellingdecor
Source: cmariedesignsinc.com

Check out this Southwestern style patio with rattan furniture and a splash pool near the fireplace.

Rooftop Living With Luxury

Rooftop Living With Luxury Dwellingdecor
Source: prideauxdesign.net

Living the king size life is easy on this elegant rooftop terrace. The perfectly traditional terrace features everything you will need to feel at peace with the world.

Rustic Style Outdoor Patio

Rustic Style Outdoor Patio Dwellingdecor
Source: betterdecoratingbible.com

Check out the patio design with the rustic stone arches, untreated timbers, and an elaborate chandelier that create a sense of medieval charm amid this quiet patio setting. The dining chairs and outdoor kitchen are an example of modern comfort and convenience to this old world style living space.

Small Curved Pergola Patio Design

Small Curved Pergola Patio design Dwellingdecor
Source: Small Curved Pergola Patio design

This well-constructed round pergola forms a comfortable corner nook for relaxation or entertainment. The spherical nature of the design’s most stunning feature is echoed throughout the patio’s outdoor decorations.

Small Patio With Bright Color Decor

Small Patio With Bright Color Decor Dwellingdecor
Source: coastalhome.blogspot.hu

This all white space is brought to life with bright punches of the pattern. The eclectic mix of color and design bravely and uncovers this covered patio’s full potential. The otherwise simple space has been easily transformed into a cheery tropical oasis with a few simple decorating touches.

Stunning patio With Gas Fire Pits

Stunning patio With Gas Fire Pits dwellingdecor
Source: decorativeinc.com

Firepits are an excellent upgrade or option to your outdoor living space- Let us help design and install the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy the outdoors.

Stunning Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

stunning stainless steel Outdoor Kitchen Dwellingdecor
Source: southviewdesign.com

This outdoor kitchen cum bar provides everything that is needed to entertain your guests outdoors. The stunning stainless steel cabinets along the wall house a sink, refrigerator and plenty of storage are additional facilites to make the space look perfect.

Traditional Style Patio Design

Traditional Style Patio design dwellingdecor
Source: conklinlimestone.com

Check out this perfect addition to your outdoor living with a seating wall that is surrounding a firepit.

Traditional Style Patio Design With Outdoor Living

Traditional Style Patio Design With Outdoor Living dwellingdecor
Source: mitchellwall.com

Check out this outdoor living room with a fireplace, flat screen television and two attached black fans; the colorful children’s rooms; the open kitchen; and the guest room over the garage are just enough for a perfect holiday space.

Transitional Outdoor Kitchen

Transitional Outdoor Kitchen Dwellingdecor
Source: worldwidecabinets.com

The wall-mounted dining space and outdoor kitchen add modern comfort and convenience to this old world style living space.

Tropical Concrete Ceiling Patio Design

Tropical Concrete Ceiling Patio design dwellingdecor
Source: kukkarchitecture.com

This is we can say outdoor living room almost with all the amenities are there for a living room Tv unit, Sofa sets, and fireplace. So it is a complete holiday home and you can enjoy with your family or friends at your own home.

Tropical Patio With Modern Furnishing

Tropical Patio With Modern Furnishing dwellingdecor
Source: drichardsinteriors.com

This project is a combination of high-end earthy elements with elegant, modern furnishings. We wanted to reinvent the beach house concept and create a home which is not your typical coastal retreat.