A Hanging Tree Of Branches

This tree with miniature Bethlehem stars is an innovative idea for anyone looking for an alternative to the classic Christmas tree, wants to save space and does not like to clean up falling needles. See how easy it is to make them yourself!

To complete it, you will need:

  • Cordless screwdriver and screws
  • Large wooden board
  • Two longer and two shorter branches
  • Jute twine
  • Small clay pots
  • String
  • Miniature poinsettias
  • Cones, decorative stars and dry, for example, from clematis

Step 1

Trim the branches to the correct length, arrange them to form a tree shape, and twist them together. Wrap the string around the screws to cover them. Attach another screw to the wooden board and hang the structure on it.

Step 2

Pull the string tightly between the branches at all levels so that decorations can be attached to it.

Step 3

Tie a string around the pots and then attach them to both sides of a horizontal row.

Step 4

Finally, place the Bethlehem stars in pots and hang decorative elements such as cones, stars and dry clematis, for example, on the tree.