Apartment In An Industrial-Loft-Style

The loft style is characterized by muted, dark colors and materials such as natural stone, brick, and wood. It works well both when arranging a living room, as well as a kitchen or bathroom. The loft-style, in other words, the industrial style, refers to post-industrial interiors. What should a loft-style apartment be like? First of all, spacious, very functional, and minimalistic. There is no question of unnecessary furniture or a lot of trinkets displayed on the shelves. 

How to arrange an interior in a loft style? The key elements are the colors and finishing materials. The industrial style likes dark colors – black, graphite grays, dark browns, and white. Characteristics for the loft-style are glazing, metal fittings, and brick walls.

1. Loft style kitchen

The industrial style is rarely chosen for the kitchen – most of us are afraid of dark kitchen fronts and countertops. Wrong – the loft-style does not mean a gloomy interior.

Take a look at the arrangement below – the kitchen with white fronts combined with a raw ceiling, concrete between the cabinets, and loft-style lighting, looks very modern, and the room is full of light.

In another loft kitchen, the dark fronts were only mounted on the upper cabinets – the lower ones are white and brighten the interior. The kitchen is warmed by light wood on the floor, countertop, and between the cabinets. 

2. Loft style bathroom

In industrial bathrooms, beech, ash, oak, or exotic wood are perfect (these are better for damp rooms).

In this loft-style bathroom, light gray tiles on the floor and walls are balanced by softwood. Raw brick and black matt fittings complement the whole perfectly.

A loft bathroom can also be decorated using only light colors – the arrangement below is dominated by white and light gray. Large, unobstructed windows brightly light the room. The highlight of many industrial-style bathrooms is the round mirror in a thin black metal frame. 

3. Loft style living room

Lighting is critical in a loft-style living room – it should be carefully planned and warm the raw character of the interior. Industrial lamps are so fashionable that you can find them even in DIY stores – most often, they are made of black, silver, or gold-painted metal. 

An essential element of every living room decor is a clock – loft clocks are those with a metal frame and a shiny dial (they can also be illuminated).

Are you looking for loft furniture? Choose large, comfortable sofas and armchairs in the style of the 60s and 70s. They can be upholstered in natural or ecological leather or thick fabrics.

A characteristic element of loft living rooms is a brick wall – preferably in a natural, red color, which is a perfect contrast to black and white and also warms the interior a bit.  

4. A loft-style bedroom

The loft-style is created for the bedroom – dark, subdued colors and noble materials favor relaxation.

The most crucial point of each bedroom is a comfortable bed – in an industrial style, and it will be upholstered in thick, woven fabric or leather (a velor bed, e.g., black or dark gray, will also work great ). In the arrangement below, the addition is massive curtains with a hotel curtain rod, bedside tables, and small, metal bedside lamps giving intimate light.

But the industrial style in the bedroom does not have to be that strict. All you need to do is add a few accessories in a cozy color, e.g., pastel mint, a few large plants, and fashionable accessories – a black round mirror in a loft-style perfectly completes the whole.