Loft-Style Living Area

A loft-style living room likes dark colors. Start the arrangement by choosing a sofa, and then select other elements of the decor.

In a loft-style living room, give up rich decorations and lots of accessories. Instead, focus on an ascetic form and high-quality materials. A good solution will be brick, concrete, metal, glass, and cold colors. When choosing finishing materials, remember that they should harmonize well with the severity and simplicity of an industrial interior.

It should be remembered that the loft-style draws inspiration from the interiors of old factories, plants, and other post-industrial facilities (these often now serve as luxurious apartments for connoisseurs bored with traditional interiors).

1. Loft furniture for the living room

What is the industrial style in the living room? As in all loft-style interiors, subdued and balanced colors should dominate, definitely more dark.

The sofa should be the focal focus of each living room; this loft should be large, comfy, and spacious. The one with metal legs upholstered with leather (natural or ecological) or a piece of thick fabric with a visible spot will work best. The coffee table can be wooden or metal. A good solution is a glass top, which does not optically “take up” space. 

Another item of equipment in a loft living room is a bookcase – black, white, or wooden – the color does not matter much. Its issues of size; it should be as large as possible and preferably reach the ceiling itself.

2. Accessories for a loft-style living room

One of the most significant advantages of loft-style salons is undoubtedly a vast, uninterrupted space, which gives many arrangement possibilities.

Loft images

This is one of those accessories that warm up the interior. Loft-style paintings are usually kept in subdued colors (often monochrome) and depict still life or figures.

Loft style lighting

Lighting is crucial in an industrial-style living room. High ceilings allow the use of mezzanines and all kinds of lamps, including huge ones. The lamp for the loft living room is the metal one (it can even be light bulbs hanging on long cables).

3. Living room with a kitchen in a loft-style

The loft-style looks best in large rooms, without partition walls. If you dream of a loft living room in a block of flats, think about demolishing single walls – then you will connect the living room with the kitchen.

Aloft kitchen is economical in form – we prefer to choose smooth fronts without handles (white, gray, black, or wooden) with a matte finish.

4. Loft lounge in the block

The loft living room can also be arranged in a small room in a block of flats. It is essential to use loft colors when placing an industrial living room – black, gray, and white, and materials characteristic of the industrial style. 

A characteristic feature of loft-style interiors is the lack of partition walls, brick walls, raw concrete (you do not need to put concrete slabs right away, you can also use loft wallpaper and create its imitation), unfinished floors, and visible installation elements (one loft lamp is enough to get this effect).