Scandinavian-style kitchen

A kitchen in a Scandinavian style should be bright, decorated with simple furniture made of natural materials. It is supposed to be cozy, comfortable, friendly.

The Scandinavian-style kitchen is one in very bright, fresh colors. After all, the design of the Scandinavian countries is associated with cold colors of snow, empty spaces, and arctic blue. Economic forms, bright colors, simple, functional, but original equipment are the determinants of this style.

If you want to organize your kitchen in a Scandinavian style, choose natural wood, wicker, or linen. Remember that expressive but straightforward and well-designed accessories primarily create the mood and atmosphere in Scandinavian homes.

1. The colors of the walls in the kitchen in a Scandinavian style

White walls in a kitchen decorated in a Scandinavian style are the basis. You can add gray, beige, graphite, blue, and even brown accessories to them. All the colors must belong to the same palette.

Bright, subdued colors give the effect of freshness and optically enlarge the interior. Bleached brick has a significant impact. It can be uncovered if the house is made of brick or wallpaper, or tiles were imitating natural brick can be applied.

In a Scandinavian-style kitchen, pastels will also fit perfectly on the walls – cool mint, blue or pink perfectly harmonize with light furniture and wood. 

2. Scandinavian-style kitchen floor

Ideally, the floor should be of a natural shade of wood. You can cover it with white or gray varnish or lay ceramic tiles that look like wood. They perfectly imitate all types of wood and colors, including whitewashed.

When the kitchen is connected to the dining room, it is worth placing a roll of jute or natural string rug in the dining area.

3. Scandinavian style kitchen furniture

It is best if the furniture is made of light ash or birch. Matt lacquered fronts in shades of white, beige, and gray will also work great. 

An essential element of kitchen furniture handle – if you want a minimalistic expression, choose cutters, and if you’re going to attract attention, choose the metal, shiny ones. 

What countertops should be in a Scandinavian-style kitchen? Wooden or stone – preferably light, as smooth as possible.

4. Lighting and accessories for a Scandinavian-style kitchen

In Scandinavia, the days are short; dusk falls quickly, so the household members appreciate natural light. You also choose practical blinds or short curtains made of lightweight materials that will not block the sun’s rays.

To illuminate the interior, you can install LED strips or other lamps under the cabinets – the ones with metal shades hanging low above the table are a hit. You can also place candlesticks on the windowsill in the Scandinavian style.