Walls in the living room

The walls in the living room have power! They provide a wide range of possibilities to develop your imagination. You can paint them artfully, wallpaper them, and even give them an exciting structure. Mix, match and create a beautiful and modern interior.

The walls in the living room are as important as the furniture and accessories. Are you wondering how to decorate them originally and effectively? It’s easy! All it takes is a bit of invention, and your apartment or house will gain freshness and a stunning design. 

1. What about the walls in the living room – types of finishes

It is standard to paint all walls in the living room white – white is universal and goes well with everything. Changing at least one barrier to one in your favorite color completely transforms the interior. What else can be on the walls in the living room?

Blackboard paint

Chalkboard paint is an excellent idea for a quick metamorphosis of a living room. It is also a convenient solution – you will be able to save a shopping list or a to-do checklist on it. It will be perfect if you have a living room combined with a kitchen and dining room.

Wallpaper on the wall in the living room

It is worth considering wallpaper when looking for inspiration because it is again the queen of our interiors. The bland, monotonous patterns are being abandoned in favor of precious floral ornaments, a soothing combination of colors, and an ingenious finish.


Stucco has been in fashion for several seasons. They give the interior an elegant and refined character. After attaching them to the walls, it is worth painting them one color – dark gray, dark green, or burgundy will bring a palace atmosphere to the living rooms.


An exciting idea for a wall in the living room is wood. Wood warms the interior a lot and makes it cozier. In living rooms, a wooden floor can appear and a wall in the form of mounted 3D slats or flat panels.


There is a belief that concrete walls will work only in very modern interiors. In the photo below, you can see the arrangement of the living room, in which only the walls and the picture are minimalist.

A beautiful yellow sofa fits perfectly with grays and beiges, and a table and a flower bed in the Polish People’s Republic climate warm up the living room.

Wall stickers

If you value the power of detail and prefer to focus on a thematic theme, you can choose – wall stickers that will be a perfect decoration in a specific apartment. They are incredibly stylish, for example, as a culmination of a couch or a play corner for children. 


The brick wall fits not only in loft-style living rooms. It will also look great in minimalist, rustic, and boho interiors.

2. What about the walls in the living room – decorations

The walls should be decorated with accessories and decorations to give the interior a unique, individual character.

Pictures and photos

This is the fastest way to change the walls in your living room. You can hang one large – a painting, poster, photo, or several smaller ones (the huge ones look better in spacious interiors).


Potted plants warm the interior. You can place them not only on the windowsill but also create a unique wall arrangement. Chests of drawers and shelves and very fashionable flower beds will be helpful for this.


No living room can do without a wall clock. It can be industrial, classic, rustic, or glamorous.


This is one of the best interior enlargement treatments. It is worth hanging them over the sofa or the fireplace (or its dummy). There can be one large mirror or several smaller ones next to each other.

Trinket shelves

This solution will be perfect for any living room. It can be a loft-style metal shelf, wood, or glass.

If your living room is tiny, you can place an openwork shelf behind the sofa – it will be a beautiful background for it, and at the same time, will not take up too much space.

3. Arrangement of a wall with a TV set

Although most of us give up traditional television, the popularity of platforms such as Netflix has made the TV wall the most important place in the living room, after the sofa. The wall with the TV should be skillfully designed. If you have a lot of space, you can hang it on the wall and add a low TV shelf to accommodate all cables and equipment.

If you have a small living room, it is worth arranging shelves and cabinets around the TV – the TV will then become an integral part of it.

4. wall colors for the living room

The colors of the walls in the living room are not only a matter of taste. It is worth starting the arrangement of the living room with an analysis of whether it is well lit and what size it has. The larger and brighter the interior, the more color madness you can afford.

Warm colors make the interior cozier but optically slightly smaller, while cool ones introduce a more industrial atmosphere and enlarge the space.

The neutral color of the walls

White, beige, and gray walls are the most neutral. All colors of furniture and accessories match them. But subdued walls do not mean a bland interior – in the arrangement below, the yellow table is displayed against the beige walls. The whole thing looks very modern.

Monochrome combinations

A monochrome combination that significantly enlarges the space is also an excellent treatment. In the photo below, the primary color is muted mint with the addition of black and gray.

Strong color

You can also paint one (or more) walls with intense or dark colors in the living room. It is worth remembering that such a procedure visually reduces the space but at the same time gives it coziness.