Industrial Bedroom Design In A Loft Bedroom

The loft bedroom is decorated in subdued colors, thanks to which it is conducive to relaxation and relaxation. In addition to gray and black, it is worth introducing pastel shades to it. The loft-style bedroom is austere and ascetic, a bit extravagant. Its arrangement is dominated by dark colors as well as glass, metal, and plastics. The brave decide even on finishes made of Concrete – walls are often not even plastered.

A loft-style bedroom should be warmed up with accessories – a few pillows in your favorite color, a vase with fresh flowers, green plants in large pots, and photos framed in frames will quickly and cheaply change any interior and make it cozier.

1. Loft style furniture for the bedroom

The focal spot of each bedroom is a bed – in an industrial style; it can be metal (preferably black), wooden (both light and dark wood look incredible), or upholstered ( velor beds are a hit in interior design).

When creating a loft-style bedroom, you can also use euro-pallets –  pallet furniture is cheap, practical and you can make it yourself at home (the cost of a pallet ranges from PLN 25 to PLN 50).  

What else can not be missing in a loft-style bedroom? Bedside cabinets and a metal bookcase where you can display your favorite trinkets and books.

2. Lighting for the loft bedroom

In addition to the hanging lamp (usually metal, black or white), single points of light, most often mounted on the sides of the bed, are extremely important.

3. A small bedroom in an industrial style

The loft-style can also be arranged in a small bedroom. However, then give up very dark colors, instead use white and beige. 

It is also worth considering what (and if at all) to cover the windows. Thick curtains take up a lot of space. In small industrial-style bedrooms, blinds will be much better.

4. Loft bedroom inspiration

We present the four most exciting bedroom arrangements in an industrial style. See how the colors influence the character of the interior!

With black walls and ceiling

If your bedroom is large and well-lit, you may be tempted to paint all walls black (including the ceiling). Paint with a matte or satin-gloss will work best.

It is worth considering a floor with a texture or a visible pattern; a wooden oak parquet shot at 10.

Raw Concrete is an industrial bedroom.

The beauty of natural walls was used in the arrangement of this bedroom. Their texture is emphasized only by a gray shade that fits perfectly with black. The only color accent is the painting hanging above the bed.

Instead, great sprawdziłaby also wallpaper lofts . It should be in dark colors with a delicate pattern imitating Concrete or brick. 

With a brick wall

Brick is one of the most generally used materials when decorating an industrial-style bedroom. It can be natural (red) or painted – in the arrangement below, and it has been painted white, thanks to which the loft character of the interior has been preserved while illuminating it.

Loft bedroom in bright colors

A loft-style bedroom does not have to be dark at all. The arrangement below shows that white, beige, and light gray also work great.

In this bedroom, you can also see the boho style, which perfectly balances the whole. A patterned carpet, pillows in attractive pillowcases, and a bedspread with Aztec motifs make the interior warm. 

An industrial bedroom should also be enriched with decorations – in this one, and you will find a whole lot of glass, porcelain, and clay vases.