There are some requirements for garden furniture. It should be as all-weather as possible, not subject to the scorching sun, wind, and rain. The style should be in harmony with the facade of the house and the general mood of the landscape design. But most importantly, the furniture should be a decoration of the site.

Following are what you should pay attention to relax in the garden to be pleasant both to the soul and the sight.

1. Wicker furniture in the recreation area

The first thing that most summer residents undertake immediately after planning the site is arranging a rest corner. Obligatory attributes of the relaxation zone are a table, several chairs, or armchairs. Preference is often given to furniture made of natural or artificial rattan. The popularity of interior wicker items is due to several reasons:

  • The texture of rattan tables, chairs, sofas fits perfectly into the natural landscape.
  • Natural, subtle colors help you relax.
  • The material is durable and practical.

New wicker furniture collections appear on the market every year to select a harmonious set for absolutely any site design.

2. Homemade bench

Making furniture with your own hands not only significantly saves the budget but also allows you to create original items of a “living” interior. To put together a simple bench, no unique construction and carpentry skills are required. It is enough to be able to use a screwdriver and a saw.

If you still have little skills and experience, you will be able to create a real masterpiece. The material for the shop will be brick pallets, logs, the remains of aerated concrete blocks, boards, the remains of metal pipes, etc.

3. Vintage armchairs

For Provence, Chebby Chic, Classic and Vintage plots, elegant armchairs with rich upholstery are ideal décor. Smooth curves, rich wood shades of the frame, and vegetable-printed textiles of the seats blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. The ensemble will complement the small mobile table, bookcase, or pouf. The only drawback of this decoration is its inability to weather changes. For the recreation area, flooring will be required so the legs of chairs do not crack due to moisture accumulated in the ground and a canopy from rain. With the end of the warm season, furniture must be removed to a place protected from precipitation.

4. Hammock between trees

Those who like to lie down with a book or listen to their favorite podcast in nature will love the idea of ​​decorating their backyard with a hammock. As support, two strong trees, posts driven into the ground, or a welded structure are suitable. The hammock material can be the most inconspicuous. A gray, beige, or brown base will sparkle in a new way in the company of bright pillows and blankets.

The hammock idea is simple, but it has many advantages:

  • It will take no more than an hour to organize a recreation area.
  • No need to worry about decking or awning.
  • The crown of the tree will protect from light rain.
  • The costs are minimal compared to other decor options.

5. Wrought iron furniture

When choosing garden furniture, it is crucial to select ensembles that are easy on the eye. Chairs, sofas, tables should not obstruct the view of the surrounding landscape. Decorative forging, working on the light, as tactfully in this regard, fits into the space and preserves its integrity.

Openwork metal benches are not subject to natural influences and are unpretentious in maintenance. To make the recreation area more comfortable, textiles or wood are taken as companions to metal.

6. Folding tables and chairs

Most gardeners are faced with moving furniture during bad weather or when leaving: it is challenging to clean bulky sofas, but it is a pity to leave it. If on the site you visit arrivals, give preference to folding furniture.

Wooden, plastic, and metal chairs and tables will fit equally well into a rustic and modern landscape design style. Such furniture is easier to store and transport. For the winter period, folding chairs help decorate a balcony.

7. Garden swing

Both youngsters and adults like this activity. Equipped with soft seats, rain canopies, and an insect canopy, they have become almost the most comfortable decoration of the local area. The swing can be installed in the yard without constructing a podium or flooring, thanks to the metal support.

Some prefer to make garden furniture with their own hands, and others choose ready-made options. In any case, it’s important to remember that, just like in a home, all components in a garden interior must be connected. When going to a furniture store, think in advance that it will become a companion to the purchased stools, armchairs, and a hammock from the natural landscape.