Wooden Advent Calendar

This small, hand-made tree made of connected stumps is also a Christmas tree and an Advent calendar. Red, miniature poinsettias, baubles, pine cones, pine branches, packages with Advent gifts and a folding measuring cup in the shape of a giant star make the tree an eye-catcher during the holiday season. When all boxes are opened on Christmas Eve, additional decorations and Christmas accents can be placed.

Miniature poinsettias, known to us as the stars of Bethlehem, are a perfect contrast against the background of accessories in natural colours that dominate the tree stumps. Having a large amount of wooden stumps, you can make an exciting Advent calendar in the form of a Christmas tree!

Materials needed to make a wooden advent calendar.

  • 70 straight logs of the same length,
  • strong rope,
  • six to eight miniature poinsettias in plastic pots,
  • Advent gift packages,
  • cones, pine needles, Christmas balls,
  • And folding measuring cup.

Advent calendar in the form of a Christmas tree.

Step by step instructions

Step 1

tumps into four groups of different sizes and tie them tightly with rope to form circles.

  • Then, stack the individual layers of stumps on top of each other to create a Christmas tree shape. A single stump at the top will form the top of the tree.
  • To improve the stability of the structure, it should be glued or nailed.

Step 2

  • Place miniature poinsettias trees, baubles, pine cones, pine needles and packages with Advent gifts on each level.

Step 3

  • Make a star from the folding ruler and glue it with hot glue to the top of the tree.