Suspended Frame With Poinsettia

During the Christmas season, centrepieces begin to rule in our offices, homes and apartment entrances. Thanks to poinsettias, you can create beautiful Christmas decorations. See how to make a pendant hoop with poinsettias in the lead role!

To make a pendant hoop with poinsettias, you will need:

  • Two rim-shaped metal candlesticks
  • Seedling of the star of Bethlehem
  • Twigs of spruce and pine
  • Test tubes
  • Binding twine
  • Wire
  • Candle
  • Pine cones and decorative elements (e.g. Christmas balls)
  • Tools (pruner, drill)

Step 1

Connect the two candleholders in the shape of a hoop in the upper part, placing the elements holding the structure (e.g. twigs) between them. Glue the dried spruce branches along the bottom of the rings.

Step 2

Use a wire to attach other accessories to the base of the ring, e.g. pine twigs, Christmas balls, pine cones. Attach the string through the holes in the test tubes and hang them on the hoop.

Step 3

Pour the water into the test tubes, trim the Bethlehem bracts, and place them in them. Finally, attach the candle to the candlestick and hang the reed. Tip: To avoid the poinsettias from wilting, immerse the stems in warm water at 60 ° C for a few seconds immediately after trimming, then place them in cold water.