Hotel Window Decoration

Are you the proud owner of the hotel? Or maybe you are just arranging the interior of your dream guesthouse? Regardless of whether you have been running a business for a long time or just starting with it, take care of the careful arrangement of the room interiors. After all, this is one of the aspects that your guests pay most attention to! Would you please start with the window arrangement, which, according to our stylists, is one of the essential parts of practical styling? Check which models of curtains or curtains from our offer will perfectly complement the decor of a hotel room.

From the text, you will learn:

  • Which hotel curtains to choose,
  • Which curtains will work best in a hotel,
  • What colors of curtains to choose in the hotel arrangement.

Well-chosen window decorations combine furniture, carpets, and wallpapers into a coherent whole. It is primarily thanks to them that hotel rooms become cozy, and guests feel at home in them. Now is an excellent time to arrange windows in a guesthouse with an idea – on 13-26.07.2021, you will buy all our voile curtains, and custom-made voile blinds 15% cheaper!

Hotel curtains – choose a veil.

Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful view of the sea, mountains, or forest outside your hotel window? Could you make sure you put it on display? Give up patterned curtains that only cover the prettiest. Instead, put on delicate veils that will introduce privacy into the room, and at the same time, allow guests to observe the panorama outside. Our two new products will be perfect for arranging hotels :

  • A veil curtain on a wave tape

It is adapted for mounting on a ceiling rail. It looks beautiful on the window because it creates even, deep waves. It has all the elements for hanging on a ceiling rail. A curtain hung in this way makes a simple but modern and practical window decoration in a hotel room.

  • Curtain with flex hooks

It looks beautiful on the window, creating decorative waves. Like the wave model, it is designed to be mounted on a ceiling rail. This type of curtain has aesthetically arranged tabs into which plastic flexes with hooks are sewn. This design guarantees the effect of natural double folds that do not require stacking.

Decorative and practical hotel curtains

Voile curtains look effective and show off the view outside the window perfectly. But what about guests who want to take a nap on a hot day or sleep longer without waking up because of the sun’s rays on their faces? When creating a hotel arrangement, take into account all the needs of visitors. Combine voile curtains with hotel curtains made of blackout fabric that will effectively block out excess sunlight. 

Our stylists always try to combine modern design with practical values, which is why they designed a complement to wave and flex curtains – i.e., curtains from the same series. Both models are made to order from blackout fabric and in any color. Thanks to them, you will create a window decoration that will look effective both when the entire window is covered and in the case of curtains pulled to the sides.

Hotel interior design – universal colors as a way to relax

You already know that hotel decorations, such as curtains and curtains, are to cover the windows and frame them. Are you wondering what shade of curtains to choose to attract guests’ eyes, but at the same time not to introduce color chaos to the interior?

Avoid bright, distinctive colors and patterned fabrics when arranging the hotel. Choose a uniform material and subdued colors, e.g., navy blue, graphite, beige, brown, green, or gray. Such a discreet window decoration is the perfect way to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, which your guests will surely appreciate.