Functional Living Room

The heart of your home is the living room. This is where you spend the most time relaxing with your family. It is also a showcase of your apartment and serves as a representative. So it should be a space arranged comfortably and with taste. How to add functionality to it? Bet, among others, for stylish cabinets, sideboards, boxes and chests that will facilitate storage. In this text, we suggest arranging a living room to find a place for everything you need. 

From the text, you will learn:

  • How to arrange a functional living room,
  • What chests of drawers and sideboards to choose for the living room,
  • What accessories should be put on to make the living room stylish and cosy.

The arrangement of the living room should be not only attractive and comfortable but also functional. In addition to soft sofas and armchairs on which you can relax after work, the living room should also include handy storage compartments and furniture with spacious drawers. Take advantage of the furniture discount up to -50%, valid from 27.07 to 9.08, thanks to which you will choose new furniture for storage at an attractive price. Also, don’t overlook the accessories that will give the space a unique feel.

Ways to arrange a functional living room

The way of space development depends on what functions it is supposed to fulfil. The living room often combines several of them – it is a place where you rest, eat meals and organize family celebrations. Whether you arrange a functional living room in a block of flats or a single-family house, you can separate different zones in it.

In the living room, it is worth arranging a dining corner – with a table, chairs and a place where you can store dishes. A good solution will be a showcase with drawers in which you can put all the necessary things. You can also set a newspaper holder at the table, so you will have your favourite press at hand while drinking your afternoon coffee. Also, consider introducing a coffee table. Remember that some models of tables under the tabletop have lockers to store, for example, newspapers, books or remote controls for radio and television equipment.

Do you create an office space in the living room? Use decorative boxes and chests to organize this place. They are capacious, and you can quickly close them, for example, for documents or books that you do not use every day – they will not dust, and you will gain additional space. The boxes can also be used as extra seats – put pillows on them to make them even more comfortable.

Chests of drawers and sideboards to the living room – a wide range of arrangement possibilities

Regardless of the additional function of your living room, sideboards and chests of drawers will be perfect for it. They will facilitate storage and keep the space in order. However, remember that a chest of drawers and a sideboard for the living room can have additional functions, depending on the model you choose.

If you opt for a low chest of drawers, it will successfully replace the TV stand. During receptions, it can act as an additional table. Place a plate of fruit or cake, wine bottles, or leaves and forks for your after-dinner dessert on top of it. Thanks to this, you will avoid frequent trips to the kitchen and leaving guests alone at the table.

On the sideboard in the living room, you can store books or discs. Such a piece of furniture placed next to the TV cabinet will create a cosy seating corner. Pay attention to the Modern sideboard – this modern sideboard for the living room will be perfect if you dream about such a space. 

Functionality is one of the advantages of using chests of drawers and sideboards for the living room. They can also be a stylish complement to the interior design. If your apartment is closer to vintage style, new sideboards styled in this way will surely be a good choice. So they do not have to be old sideboards, although the option to renovate and give the furniture a second life also seems to be a good idea.

Sideboards for the living room can also be thoroughly contemporary. Do you furnish your apartment in this style? Use chests of drawers and modern cabinets. In turn, the boho and elegant styles will suit furniture in light colours – beige, white and light grey. Such colours will add light to large and heavy furniture. Thanks to this, the impressive sideboard for the living room will not overwhelm the interior, but it will be a beautiful complement to the interior.

What to put on the dresser? Accessories for the living room

The chest of drawers can successfully complement the interior design. If you want your living room to be cosier, put your favourite decorations on it, e.g. frames with photos of family, friends or your favourite pet. However, suppose you prefer more miniature personal accessories and wonder what to put on the dresser. In that case, lamps that will provide an additional source of light and at the same time will be an original decoration of your living room will be a good idea. If you are a fan of plants, you can devote space on the dresser to pots or vases with your favourite flowers. Such decoration will perfectly enliven the interior.

The top of the chest of drawers in the living room can also be arranged more practically. Place a wine rack on it. This way, you will organize your collection. You can place a platter with fruit or sweets next to it.

Arranging a functional living room is easy. After choosing the right lounge furniture, think about accessories. Choose the equipment that will make it easier for you to store and arrange the remaining space.