A Kitchen In The Loft Style

A loft kitchen looks best in a large, well-lit room. It is kept in subdued colors varied with elements of wood and metal. Loft kitchens are becoming more and more popular. Kitchen fronts play a dominant role in the room – smooth, without additional decorations, with cutters instead of handles. 

A loft-style kitchen should be sparing in form – based on furniture with simple shapes and well-designed accessories.

1. Loft kitchen furniture

The color range of loft-style furniture should be limited – choose a maximum of 3 colors that you will stick to strictly. It is best to work based on contrast, e.g., combine white with gray and black or beige with wood and black.

Attention. Industrial kitchens like solid colors provided that it is one saturated color. If you choose red, let two muted colors accompany it.

Loft-style cabinets

There is a belief that a loft kitchen is a black kitchen. Not necessarily. Excellent industrial arrangements use only light cabinet fronts (combined with a wooden floor and golden elements). 

Loft cabinets are those without additional decorations, most often with cutters instead of handles. The most frequently chosen are those with a matte finish, but arrangements have glossy fronts.

Loft shelf for the kitchen

Suspended black metal shelves are highly fashionable, most often mounted just above the kitchen island,  not only diversifying the space but also (if not primarily) being an additional storage place – pots, glasses, kitchen tools, or herbs in pots look great. 

Loft style chairs

Loft chairs for the kitchen are most often metal or wooden ones. However, the upholstered ones (especially bar stools) are becoming more and more popular, e.g., with velour upholstery (necessarily with a backrest) and black or gold legs. 

2. Loft style lighting

Loft lamps are trendy because they fit not only in industrial kitchens. They are also often used in the arrangement of rooms in a boho and eclectic style.

Lighting in the loft style is primarily lamps with metal shades, most often black and silver. You can decide on one ample light above the table or several more minor lighting points.

3. How to arrange a small loft-style kitchen?

Although it looks best in large rooms, the loft-style does not mean that it cannot be arranged in small interiors.

What do you have to watch out for? First of all, the colors – in a small loft-style kitchen, avoid excess black – it is best to combine it with wood and white. It is also worth focusing on smooth materials – a brick wall or marble countertops will not work – but a conglomerate countertop and concrete on the wall can be.

Loft kitchen in a block of flats

You can also arrange a loft kitchen in a block of flats. Before you start designing, it is worth considering whether to demolish any of the walls and consolidate the kitchen with the living room – a small kitchen with an island opens to the living room gives more room to show off and more arrangement ideas.