Cooking speed depends on your skills and kitchen ergonomics. To quickly create culinary masterpieces when planning your kitchen, create a working triangle.

1. What is a working triangle?

The working triangle in the kitchen is the location of the activity zones at a comfortable distance from each other. This term was first voiced in the 40s, and the zones of activity were considered the sink, stove, and work surface. Today there are three points of the triangle:

  • Fridge
  • Sink
  • Plate

Regardless of how often work in the kitchen takes place and what kind of dishes you make, it should be convenient to take food from storage, transfer it to the processing area (wash, cut), and cook.

  • The refrigerator can be compact (built-in under the tabletop), one-door or two-door. Make sure that nothing interferes with opening the doors. If you placed it in a corner, the door should open towards the wall for ease of use.
  • The sink is chosen based on the size of the kitchen. Any shape and size are suitable for spacious rooms; compact but deep is ideal for small ones. For angular positioning, there are extraordinary sinks that fit correctly into the provided module.
  • The stove can be solid or consist of a separate hob + oven. It is more convenient to install independent appliances: a cooker on one side of the sink and an oven in a pencil case at eye level or any lower section. The range does not have to be located next to the hob, and it does not affect the working triangle.

2. What is the best distance?

The distance between the central elements depends on the area, but the minimum is 120 cm, the maximum is 270 cm. This rule applies to small and large kitchens. Try to place the vertices as close to 120 cm as possible so that you don’t have to wind kilometers while cooking.

Draw a visual line between a couple of objects, remove the detected obstacles – tables, chairs, various pedestals. The kitchen island corner must not fit into the free space of the triangle> 30 cm.

Also important is the width of the aisle between furniture in two-row U-shaped kitchens. It is 100-120 cm.

3. Features for different kitchen layouts

The design primarily depends on the arrangement of the furniture. In one, instead of a figure, a straight line will turn out, in the second – a regular equilateral, in the third – an isosceles triangle.

In addition to the location of the kitchen unit, the number of people who usually prepare food should be considered. Collisions are dangerous, so your trajectories mustn’t intersect. In spacious kitchens, a second sink is installed for this purpose.

Working triangle in a linear kitchen

The single-row arrangement is the most inconvenient to use. It is either too small – you have at least 30-40 cm between work areas, or long – you have to arrange races while cooking. Within the linear layout, there are three ways to create a triangle:

  • Installation in a row of the refrigerator, sink, stove. The sink is in the middle. According to the rule of the triangle, the working surface between the sink and the stove should be 80-90 cm, 45 cm between the sink and the refrigerator.
  • Removing the fridge to the opposite wall. Place it closer to the sink.
  • Placement of an additional work surface – islands. This solution is suitable for large kitchens by reducing the distance between the corners of the triangle. Install a stove on it, and build the sink and refrigerator into the headset.

Working triangle in the corner kitchen

Designers often offer exactly L-shaped kitchen interiors because they have no equal ergonomics.

Standard placement according to the principle of a working triangle – sink in the corner, stove, refrigerator on either side of it. Above the sink, you have a place for storing dishes, between it and the hob – a working surface for cutting, and near the refrigerator – an empty countertop for defrosting food, keeping what you need.

Placement rules for a U-shaped kitchen

In the kitchen, with the letter P, ergonomics suggests itself. We put a sink in the center, and under it, you can organize a dishwasher. This will simplify the process of loading and unloading the dishes. Place the rest of the points on two sides to get an isosceles triangle.

If you plan to put a stove in the center, place the sink and storage place on both sides of it. But this option will be much less convenient.

Ergonomic parallel kitchen layout

A two-row arrangement of furniture involves the distribution of work surfaces on both sides. Leave the sink, the stove on one side, and the refrigerator on the other. You will not constantly be spinning, running between the rows.

Installing a refrigerator and a sink in the same row was a long time ago; this model turned out to be highly inconvenient.

Kitchen layout with an island

Dreams of a dining island in the kitchen, like in American movies, can be realized if the kitchen area is more than 20 square meters. But it can significantly simplify the placement of the working triangle.

If you do not have a miniature refrigerator model, then place a cooking or washing zone on the island. The second option is easy to implement in your home, having installed communications in the right place in advance. In the apartment, the transfer of pipes must be coordinated. In addition, the aesthetics of the kitchen will suffer.

When planning a rework, consider the triangle rule in the kitchen; try to recreate it in your space. When you can cook quickly and conveniently, you will begin to enjoy the process, maybe even master a few new recipes.