Checkout our latest gallery of 20 Best Country Kitchen Design Ideas. Each image is a glimpse of something you might be dreaming of to do in your home that will give you the kitchen atmosphere you’re after.

It is always accepted that a kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any house. Kitchen area decoration is always concentrated the most while planning to decorate the complete house. The Country kitchen designs are unlike the regular kitchen in terms of plumbing fixtures, refrigeration, flooring, dish washers and ventilation.

These design idea of decorating the kitchen have a very comfortable, homely feel, so no wonder that they are one of the very popular kitchen theme. Mostly country kitchen decor focuses on the use of natural materials, obviously because there weren’t the modern man-made materials around in the era of early rural life. It mainly focuses on the wooden counters and cabinets that give the room a natural look. Oak and Cedar are the two common type of wood used in this process. Chekcout our latest collection and get inspired.

Best Country Kitchen Design Ideas


Here is a kitchen decor with a large cabinet adding depth to the space, this communal country kitchen would be an ideal places for a morning coffee and lots more.


Checkout this image with large bright door that enhances the space of this beautiful country kitchen, which is further enhanced by small hanging light above the counters.


Usage of pearl white cabinets with black steel to create a modern and sophisitcated look.


The bright and colorful tiling behind the range in this country kitchen adds just enough flair to keep things interesting.



Choice of Eclectic countertops are an amazing part of the complete decor.


The exposed wood beams of the angled ceiling overhead make this country kitchen truly unique.


Light and shadow dance beautifully across the country kitchen design, leading it to look deep.


This kitchen exemplifies very well that a country kitchen design can offer all the facilities of the future kitchen.


The prizing the simplicity of country style, this kitchen demonstrates that a luxurious feel worthy of the rich and famous is still possible.



Wainscoting is the design article that really pulls this dark and clean country kitchen together.


Here, is a kitchen that melds country style and modern style together perfectly.


This is an ultimate country kitchen design.


Here, the cabinets make up for their drab color with the ornate details, which goes well with other design elements of the country kitchen.


White cabinets with black hardware create a simple yet sophisticated look for this country kitchen.



Checkout the reclaimed cabinets with an antique look that accentuate the intricate details of this country kitchen design.


The ceiling and hanging lights adds a true sense of dimension to this stunning and clean country kitchen.


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