Kitchen Storage

Want more comfort in your kitchen? To make it cosy, beautiful, comfortable and fit everything? There are 20 great ideas for clever storage in the kitchen ahead: read, evaluate, choose what suits you.

What it is

Clever storage in the kitchen is a rationally organized and comfortable space. All utensils, products, furniture are ordered to be as convenient and straightforward to use as possible.

What are the features of a modern intelligent storage system in the kitchen? Let’s list the main ones:

  • rationality;
  • practicality;
  • compactness;
  • spaciousness;
  • beauty and functionality of the interior.

This setting saves time and effort when working in the kitchen. Plus provides convenient storage. Therefore, the popularity of intelligent storage is gaining momentum.

Everything in its place

When there is no proper order in the home kitchen, it becomes inconvenient to cook, clean and sometimes even eat. If such a situation arises, it’s time to fix it.

The very first and easiest step will be to put things in order. It is available to everyone. Sorting dishes and products according to their intended purpose and choosing the right places to store them will help.

If there are too many provisions or kitchen utensils, they clutter up the space, and with many items and products, it becomes inconvenient to manage – it is worth conducting an audit. Get rid of the excess, and put something away for long-term storage.

After that, we distribute the necessary items into categories, arrange them rationally and beautifully. When everything is at hand, managing immediately becomes much easier and more enjoyable. It is also imperative to unload the countertop for cooking. You will no longer need to huddle on a free edge every time while cooking, so the process will go more fun.

Additional open shelves

It is a good idea to store items and products that are often needed: everything is in plain sight, easy to find and use. True, you will have to arrange everything on them in pretty packages and cans to fill the shelves with beautiful looks and make the kitchen more comfortable.

But for open shelves and shelves, you can find many places, even in the most miniature kitchenette. Plus, various models and variations are possible, which can be adapted to suit your needs.

You can place dishes, spices on the shelf and hang rolling pins, ladles, skimmers, knives and other helpful kitchen utensils from the bottom.

The shelf can be small, as in the photo below. But an additional tier is created, on which it will be possible to arrange a dozen of the necessary jars. Compact, roomy and orderly.

Additional open shelves fit perfectly on the side surfaces of kitchen furniture. Towels, napkins, a set of products, a whisk with a rolling pin will include perfectly there, and horizontal surfaces will be unloaded.

Sometimes it seems that it is difficult to find a suitable place for additional shelves. But it is not always the case. Take a look at the following photo: here’s how you can organize as many as seven shelves at once in a small space. Exceptionally functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes it is good to use the area around the window. It will turn out not only innovative but also cosy storage.

And here is how you can beat the space around the doorway. Dishes, vases, books not only fit comfortably in the kitchen but also transformed the interior.

Trays, dividers, containers

Who does not know such essential but straightforward devices, such as trays, dividers, containers? However, hands do not always reach to bring such usefulness for their kitchen. But in vain. It’s time to get at least something.

Let’s take trays. Storing utensils makes it easier to clean surfaces: you do not need to lift each little thing or jar separately to wipe it. Yes, and these surfaces get dirty less often; often, it is enough to wash only the tray itself. Plus, everything is orderly and looks good.

Good in the kitchen and dividers. They prevent objects from mixing and getting lost. This makes it easier to find and get the items you need.

Dividers can be used to equip cabinets and compartments of kitchen furniture of different sizes. This storage system is suitable for both small items and oversized items.

Hanging organizers

It can be hung on doors, cabinet doors. It is convenient to place detergents, brushes, sponges on the sink door.

Light dishes are placed on the inner doors of the cabinet. Drawers fit well with perforated surfaces and hooks. This multifunctional organizer gives you an excellent overview and order.

If there is a small niche or pantry for the kitchen with a sturdy door, a large organizer will fit on it. It will be able to store food and utensils.

Sink organizers

Sponges, dishwashing brushes sometimes have nowhere to attach: they fall, get in the way, which creates inconvenience. Organizers for the sink will help you to put things in order.

Shelves above the sink

If space allows, then it is good to arrange the necessary things on a special shelf. It is comfortable and looks beautiful.

There are different configurations. You can select the one that satisfies you best.

A complete dish drainer can be placed above the sink. It is convenient to keep plates, cups, cutlery in it, which are used every day. The dishes dry quickly and always at hand, and the dryer is easy to care for.

Another option is to make an ensemble of shelves and rails above the sink. This will allow you to arrange a lot more accessories.

Order under the sink

If it is not there yet, then it’s time to bring it up. Under the sink, you will find many things you need: spray guns, bottles, paper towels, and all sorts of other items will be at hand. It will become comfortable and beautiful. Bars, “magic” corners, hanging shelves, hooks, trays, small shelves, a pull-out container and various accessories from IKEA will help organize orders. Take a look at the solutions in the photo below.

Refrigerator organizers

Convenient storage of food in the refrigerator is an essential part of comfort and cosiness in the kitchen. With containers, organizers, hanging pull-out shelves, this is easy to do.

Supports for dishes

With dish supports, it is convenient to organize space in the closet or on the table or arrange lids, pans, which are often inconvenient to hold in any other way.

In the photo below, plastic coasters are great for storing lids from pots and pans. Plus, with such vertical storage, items are easier to take: you do not need to take everything out at once, sort through, put unnecessary things in place.

There are stable, sturdy coasters in which it is convenient to store not only lids but also pans and cutting boards.

Small shelves, hanging shelves, and stands will help organize the storage of plates and cups. With them, even a tiny space can be used as efficiently as possible. Plus, create cosiness.

Hanging baskets and containers

For storing kitchen utensils, you can use hanging containers of various shapes or baskets. They are made of plastic, metal, wicker, with different fastening systems. What does it look like? You can find a couple of examples in the photo below. But there are many more options. It will turn out to choose what you need in terms of functionality and consider the interior.

Cabinet fittings

Closed cabinets can also be improved with a variety of fixtures. This will increase the storage capacity of the furniture, make storage of accessories more compact and convenient use. There are solutions for small and ample cabinets.

Shelves on top of cabinets

Many homemakers have little things that they can’t attach somewhere. If they are not heavy and are not needed every day, they will find a place on top of the cabinets: the space to the ceiling is often empty. It is just perfect for additional shelves.

Space under wall cabinets

You can also place a lot of valuable things under the wall cabinets. You can use roof rails, arrange containers, make shelves, use a perforated surface. It all depends on your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Extendable table

Great idea to save space in the kitchen. A pull-out table or side table is suitable for any room size. It serves as an additional cutting surface and for eating.

Hidden storage locations

They are practical, space-saving, aesthetic. You can make to order and implement an exciting and functional idea. Check out several options in the following photos.


Dishes, food, household appliances are placed on the shelves. They are comfortable and aesthetic.

Even the most miniature kitchen can find a place for this compact wheeled shelf. The shelf can also serve as a table.


There are very different: narrow, wide, miniature, and up to the ceiling, on wheels. Therefore, they fit nicely into almost any interior. The racks are very spacious and comfortable. Take a look for yourself.

Wardrobes to the ceiling

Modern kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling are very functional and spacious. They have shelves, drawers and compartments for different tasks. The plus is that the entire vertical space from floor to top is used, thereby freeing up additional space in the room.

Interesting combinations

How to combine different tips and tricks to organize smart storage in your kitchen? Good examples will help, so we suggest looking at successful solutions. See the photo below.

Here’s how the floor-to-ceiling space is organized against one wall. Open and closed shelves are combined here.

Excellent combination of open shelves and drawers. Compact enough, but very roomy.

Here’s how to arrange the area around your sink and window. Everything is in place and aesthetically pleasing.

Here we see open shelves, closed and pull-out cabinets, built-in appliances. And here is a small but very spacious multifunctional hanging shelf. Great idea!

Another well-thought-out option.

Kitchen to order

It gives the most significant opportunities to implement intelligent solutions: to organize comfort and cosiness in your kitchen, taking into account the room’s characteristics, practical needs and aesthetic preferences.

You can make the greatest of the space:

  • Think over the location of the furniture and the refrigerator.
  • Build-in appliances.
  • Organize a kitchen island.

Below are a couple of ideas for inspiration.

Many ideas? Then scroll through them from beginning to end again to remember and choose the best ones for yourself. Let comfort and cosiness reign in your kitchen!