The basement is the most ignored, neglected and least concerned for part of the house. The innovative basement design ideas can give your existing basement a new lease of life incorporating it into the main house. Although it is the most ignored one, however a well designed basement can add value to the complete look of the house. It can reflect the personality of the complete house.

Basement design ideas can provide additional, functional space to your house. There are variety of basement design ideas available nowadays. You can either do the designing job yourself or hire a professional to perform the basement design ideas based as per your customized specifications. But yeah be careful, without a thoughtful plan, however, your dream space for the basement can turn into a nightmare on cost and wasted expectations.

Basement design ideas are as good as you want to make them. The more you use your imagination, the better ideas you will come up with. Checkout our latest collection of “15 Spacious Basement Design Ideas” that can add to your home and make it an exciting place to live.

Spacious Basement Design Ideas

Tropical Basement Design


This is a really splendid moroccan style basement design featuring beautiful neutral color rug and moroccan style furniture.

Traditional Basement Design


Traditional design is not everyone cup of tea but this mid-sized elegant fully buried basement with grey walls and light hardwood floors along with unique furniture will leave you speechless.

Shabby-Chic Style Basement Design


This is a really smart and well organized bedroom with a beautiful appearance and flawless design and also gives you ample sunlight.

Scandinavian Basement Design


Scandinavian basement with white walls, with queen bed and catty corner table  is a really unique place for a bedroom.

Rustic Basement Design


Simple but unique rustic basement design featuring beige walls and ceramic floors with French style pantry create a super inviting and beautiful basement area.

Modern Basement Design


Large modern walk-out basement remodel with white walls and concrete floors with lots of free space and beautiful contemporary sofa and drum set.

Midcentury Basement Design


Midcentury basement with ceramic floors and brown walls with ample space for seating area. The plank dropped ceiling aesthetically create a beautiful basement design.

Mediterranean Basement Design


This Mediterranean basement design with  super creative brick floors create a inviting hallway area.

Industrial Basement Design


Industrial basement design with amazing leather furniture with ample space featuring bar area and small dining area.

Farmhouse Basement Design


Farmhouse basement with a touch of rutic style featuring beautiful beige rug and contrast furniture combination.

Eclectic Basement Design


Example of an eclectic fully buried basement design with terra-cotta floors

Craftsman Basement Design


Stunning Craftsman basement design with white walls with smart space and craftsman design along with kitchen area and recreation zone featuring air hockey table instead of pool table.

Contemporary Basement Design


Trendy Contemporary basement design with beige walls, light hardwood floors, a ribbon fireplace and a metal fireplace surround.

Beach Style Basement Design


The sophisticated and beautiful design of this beach style basement design with white walls and concrete floors. gun safe and storage for hunting and fishing tools.

Asian Basement Design


Beautiful Asian basement remodel in New York with multicolored walls, vinyl floors, a standard fireplace and a stone fireplace surround.

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