Garden In Autumn

The end of the summer season does not mean that rest at the dacha in the fall will not bring pleasure. Even in September, the garden can delight with its beauty – for this, and it is worth picking up unique plants that can replace bright flowers. 

Following are what shrubs will decorate the garden in the fall.

1. Viburnum

Among the ancient Slavs, viburnum was considered a symbol of love and beauty. An unpretentious shrub with lush inflorescences in summer, it is painted in burgundy, yellow and brown-golden tones in September. Also, the viburnum is decorated with glossy red berries, which many homemakers actively use in everyday life.

2. Barberry Thunberg

This shrub is famous for its unusual green to reddish-purple leaves with contrasting edging or veins. In autumn, the leaves change their color to orange and rich red tones, making it even more decorative. Unpretentious, pruning well and grows well in a shady garden.

3. Mahonia holly

Shrub, reaching no more than 1.5 meters in height with pinnate leathery leaves. It is decorated with bright yellow inflorescences in the spring, and some varieties bloom again in the fall. Usually, at the end of summer, bluish-gray fruits ripen at Mahonia, and the crown becomes red-bronze. It is an excellent choice for a shady garden.

4. Cotoneaster

Ideal for hedges. Cotoneaster bushes as part of a landscape composition will delight you all year round: some varieties are found with evergreen foliage with red or blackberries. At the same time, the leaves are painted in various colors, ranging from bright orange to dark burgundy, depending on the season.

5. Sumac fluffy

In summer, the foliage of this unusual shrub is green and resembles a tree fern in shape. It looks very picturesque and will decorate any individual plot. In September, it turns orange or bright burgundy. Looks great on the lawn and among conifers.

6. Elder

The plant is a bush or small tree with a height of 2 to 6 meters. The black elderberry (“Black Tower”) looks most impressive in our climate – with large leaves and fragrant flowers. In autumn, it is decorated with black berry-like fruits, and the purple leaves turn red-brown.

7. Euonymus

In summer, this shrub is painted in green tones, but its foliage turns bright pink with reds and purples in the fall. The euonymus does not require complex maintenance and pleases the eye throughout the entire summer season.

8. Irga

Tall shrub, reaching 3-4 meters in height. Irga is unpretentious, grows successfully on any soil. The plant pleases not only with lush flowering in spring but also with delicious berries in summer. And when autumn comes, the leaves of the large turn red, in some places even burgundy.

9. Bubble plant

An ornamental shrub with spreading branches that are beautifully lowered to the ground. Dimensions usually do not exceed 3 meters in height. And thanks to the variety of varieties, every summer residents can find a suitable one. For example, the Amber variety turns purple in autumn, and Diablo retains the purple color of the leaves in summer and autumn.

10. Oval-leaved privet

The plant resembles a boxwood, and its main feature is that the shrub retains its green cover until late autumn. Emerald foliage mixed with resin berries stays on the branches for a long time, thereby prolonging the garden’s life. Most summer residents use it to form hedges.

11. Forsythia

Flowering begins in early spring: the branches of the bush shower with lemon-yellow flowers that attract attention. Forsythia is often used as an addition to flower beds and landscape compositions. It pleases with its colorfulness in spring and in September when the foliage acquires a bright golden color.

12. Bodinier’s beautiful fruit

The sprawling shrub paints the garden’s palette with purple colors with the help of many small purple-lilac berries. The bush reaches a height of 1.5 to 3 meters, has long dark green leaves, and is not very noticeable in summer. On the other hand, the beautiful-fruited plant pleases with its extraordinary appearance in the second half of September, and the berries are kept on the branches until winter.

13. Derain

This favorite gardener has gained popularity due to the unusual color of the leaves with a yellow or white frame. In the fall, foliage with light markings becomes deep pink.

14. Japanese spirea

It is an excellent plant that changes the shades of its foliage throughout the summer cottage: in spring, it is bronze; in summer, it is a rich yellow, and from September, it becomes golden. Spring variegated color appears in varieties that have a bright color throughout the summer. Some types of spirea do not shed their leaves until the first snow and look very beautiful against its background.

15. Snowberry

A shrub with snow-white or pink fruits looks amazing in autumn and winter. Flexible branches strewn with dense balls of berries give them a decorative look. Snowberry – shrubs of medium size, not exceeding 1.5 meters. They easily survive frosts, and their fruits serve as food for birds.