The bedroom is one of the most challenging rooms in terms of furnishing. Any materials are suitable for decoration, and the list of necessary furniture is short and obvious. It is easy to get confused and overdo it with the decor and slide into banality and boredom in such conditions. Suppose you find yourself in the second situation. In that case, you are standing in the middle of the room and feel that something is missing – try these 15 ideas for your interior on how you can mentally and inexpensively decorate your bedroom.

1. Paintings and photos

This is most likely the first thought that springs to mind: hang an interesting painting on the wall or create an ensemble of numerous images in tune with each other. Any place is suitable, but pictures and photographs look excellent on the headboard, the dimensions of which they can repeat, or on the contrary, where they will delight the eye in the evenings and cheer up at dawn. You can put a large painting or several canvases on the floor against the wall. A beautiful picture in a high-quality frame is expensive, so it makes sense to decorate the bedroom with family photos – in color or black and white with a modest budget. This will not only save money but also add sentimentality to the interior.

2. Installations and panels

An inexpensive and non-trivial alternative to paintings is wall panels or installations. Their character should be consistent with the overall design concept. It can be tapestries, African masks, wicker baskets, compositions of dried plants, pebbles, shells, old phonograph records, and anything else.

3. Bedspreads and pillows.

If finances permit, you can order a thoughtful set of bedspreads and decorative pillows for the bed from the studio. It isn’t easy to name a style that such a solution does not fit into. In a classic bedroom, silk or velvet textile accessories in pastel colors will look great, and, for example, in a Scandinavian bedroom – bright multi-colored cotton or linen.

4. Lamps and lampshades

The bedroom interior’s final chord or connecting link can be lighting devices from one collection: a chandelier, a sconce, and a floor lamp. In ultra-modern rooms, the LED spotlight installed in the ceiling above the bed looks great. With its help, you can smoothly adjust the lighting, change its color, and with it your mood.

5. Curtains and carpets

Curtains, floor, and wall rugs are significant decorative elements that can take on the role of the first violin in the interior of the bedroom and tie together all its parts. Let the curtains and carpet repeat the colors, textures, or motifs used in bedspreads, covers, and lampshades.

6. Vases and figurines

Any bedroom, whether made in a luxurious Renaissance, even in a minimalist Japanese style, can be decorated with vases or figurines that are suitable for the spirit. They can stand on the floor, show off on shelves or bedside tables.

7. Plants and flowers

Green spaces decorate the bedroom and fill it with fresh air, contributing to sound sleep and quality rest. You can arrange vases, pots, boxes, or pots with flowers anywhere, from windows to the head of the bed. But consider the influence of different plants on human health and the energy background in the room.

8. Wall painting

Creative people will love the idea of ​​decorating a bedroom with a stencil drawing or a painting with their hand-painted right on the wall. You need to choose a place, paste it with plain wallpaper or paint it, and decide on the plot.

9. Stereoscopic wallpaper

This is the most practical idea for owners of small apartments. At the same time, 3D wallpaper on the headboard, on the opposite or sidewall, will help decorate the bedroom and make it more spacious. They can cover it entirely or play the role of a portal to another beautiful and alluring world.

The bedrooms look stunning wallpapers with huge flowers receding into the distance forest paths, flowing brooks and cascading waterfalls, ocean beaches, and romantic city streets.

10. Mirror

Decorating your bedroom with a mirror is a practical solution. This item is necessary when there is no separate dressing room in an apartment or house, and you have to dress and preen in the same place where you sleep. The mirror can be floor-standing, but someone will be attracted by the idea of ​​making a mirrored ceiling above the bed.

11. Canopy

The thin translucent fabric that frames the bed around the perimeter is a bedroom decoration and a functional item. With the help of a canopy, you can shade a sleeping place during the day, create a pacifying and secluded atmosphere inside it, and at the same time protect yourself from the encroachment of insects.

12. Watch

Many individuals check their timepieces first thing when they wake up in the morning, reaching for them on the bedside table with wicked hands. To avoid looking for anything, hang a stylish watch of impressive size in front of the bed, next to or at the head of the bed.

13. Bookshelf

Many people like to read before going to bed, so decorating the bedroom with an original bookshelf or rack is logical. A wall-to-wall shelf with color-matched books in rich bindings will look harmonious in classic or antique interiors. Complex compositions of several frames located at different angles fit well into any modern design trend.

14. Aquarium

Admiring bright exotic fish soothes, relaxes, and sets you up for a restful sleep, so why not decorate your bedroom with an aquarium? This venture has only one obvious drawback – it will require significant investments, especially if you want a reservoir in which a natural home sea will stretch.

15. Fireplace

Building a real fireplace in your bedroom is time-consuming and costly, but it more than justifies the cost. On a chilly winter evening, wrapped in a woolen blanket and curled up in front of dancing flames, you will say “thank you” a thousand times to yourself for this decision.