Modern bathrooms require radically new design solutions. And therefore, down with the boring tile finish from floor to ceiling. Now the trend is to gracefully decorate “wet zones”, which, moreover, comes out several times cheaper. Therefore, we will show you an interesting selection of 12 ideas for decorating an apron in the bathroom.

1. Same as countertop

1. Same as countertop

2. Same as countertop

When the tabletop flows smoothly into the apron and frames the mirrors, it looks laconic and stylish. For such a finish, designers suggest giving preference to neutral beige or coffee shades.

For lovers of brighter colors, I propose a combination of gray furniture with a marble top and an apron in the same style against a background of pink wall decoration.

2. Mosaic decor

3. Mosaic decor

The decor of the apron in the form of mosaic masonry looks original and unusual . Of the popular options, a narrow rectangular mosaic is distinguished. The color scheme can be selected in any order. The main thing is that it blends harmoniously with other elements in the bathroom.

4. Mosaic decor

For the bathroom, the option of a monochromatic mosaic in soothing shades is also well suited.

3. Pebbles

5. Pebbles

Now the trend is eco-direction and, in order to keep up with fashion trends, I propose to arrange an apron with  ordinary pebbles . Plus, using natural materials will help create a peaceful atmosphere.

There are a lot of decor options here. For example, you can lay out a small border between the countertop and the mirror. And, to further protect the wall, the pebbles can be varnished.

6. Pebbles

If there is no desire to look for sea pebbles and spend time laying it out, then you can use a tile with its imitation.

4. Bright accent

7. Bright accent

8. Bright accent

A bright apron consisting of several multi-colored tiles will effectively stand out against the background of white walls . Additionally, you can lay the same tile on the wall near the bath.

5. Honeycomb tile

9. Honeycomb tile

This type of tile has been at the peak of popularity for several years in a row and does not plan to give up its positions so far. And therefore, this is a good option for finishing an apron in the bathroom.

6. Gzhel

10. Gzhel

The decoration with Russian painting looks very authentic. Especially in combination with marble top and light wood cabinets.

11. Gzhel

And in tandem with blue tiles, Gzhel creates a nautical mood.

7. Contrast grout

12. Contrast grout

If you are not yet ready to use bright tiles with painting, then you can use colored grout as an interesting detail in creating an apron . In this case, even a simple white tile will sparkle with new colors.

9. “Wild boar”

13. Wild boar

“Pig” is good for several reasons. Firstly, it is an age-old classic that serves as a neutral background for any design decisions. Secondly, there are no difficulties with its laying.

14. Wild boar

“Pig” can be either neutral or bright shades.

15. Wild boar

It will be interesting to look at the option when the apron over the sink is made of small-sized tiles of different colors. But here it is important to correctly determine the color scheme so that it does not draw all the attention to itself, but only skillfully emphasizes and maintains the mood of the interior as a whole.

9. Marble finish

16. Marble finish

Marble in “wet zones” performs two functions at once – aesthetic and protective. This season, designers offer options when the countertop “echoes” the backsplash and trim around the bath.

17. Marble finish

White marble complements the bathroom, whose walls are painted in rich colors.

10. Up to the mirror

18. Up to the mirror

The apron in the bathroom does not need to be made large. A few rows of tiles to the mirror are enough. This is enough to protect the wall from moisture.

11. In the same style as the floor

19. In the same style as the floor

20. In the same style as the floor

Another design solution that can be borrowed to create an unusual effect in the bathroom. The tile “slides” from the wall to the floor and a single harmonious composition is obtained

12. In one tone with the screen

21. In one tone with the screen

I propose to consider such an option, where the apron over the sink and the screen under the bathroom are made of the same material and in the same color. These two small elements will set the mood for the whole room.

An apron in the bathroom is a way to make a room practical, stylish and at the same time save a little on repairs. After all, using tiles only in “wet zones” will cost several times less than laying them everywhere.