A Living Room

The arrangement of the living room is crucial for the decor of the entire house or apartment. This is where we receive guests, rest, often eat and cook, if the living room is connected to the kitchen.

It is worth starting the living room arrangement from its central and most important point – the sofa. It is its size and color that will determine the natural character of the interior. If you have a spacious living room combined with a kitchen and dining area, choosing a comfortable, wide corner is worth picking. If you only have a small living room in a block of flats, it is better to choose a smaller sofa and buy a small armchair or a flat pouf (which can also be used as a coffee table). 

1. Colors for the living room

What colors to use when arranging a living room? Preferably those where you feel good – after all, this is where you spend most of your free time. Contrasting combinations can be effective but require sensitivity. Therefore, harmonious color duos will be a safer choice. 

Moving in one color range also gives good results, e.g., beige, green, warm white. It consists in painting the walls in a light beige color and matching them with a sofa and a carpet in the shade or two darker. In this way, a monochrome salon will be created. He is always calm and elegant.

Another safe solution is to choose one dominant color on a large surface, e.g., light, pastel green on the walls, and a second complementary color on a smaller surface, e.g., on furniture upholstery and curtains.

2. Ideas for walls in the living room

Even in the smallest living room, it is imperative to plan what will hang on the walls carefully. These can be photos and graphics eclectically arranged in colorful frames. 

One large painting will also look great on the walls in the living room (this is an option for large rooms, the smaller ones may overwhelm too much) or 2-3 medium-sized ones (they do not have to be framed then).

There are endless ideas for walls in the living room! They can also be the most ordinary shelves (e.g., mounted from the floor to the ceiling), on which you can arrange books and display your favorite knick-knacks.

3. Arrangement of the TV wall

The popularity of Netflix has made the TV set, right after the sofa, the essential point of the living room – it is worth paying attention to the arrangement of the wall on which it will be located.

The TV can hang on the wall or stand on a low cabinet. If possible, it should stand away from the window and not in front of the window so that the rays reflecting off the monitor do not interfere with viewing. The sofa should stand at a distance of at least three screen diagonals. If you decide to put the TV on the wall, it should be roughly 100–110 cm off the ground (on a particular arm).

A great option is to integrate the TV into hanging shelves and cabinets, thanks to which it becomes a bit more invisible and does not play the leading role in the interior, and you gain a lot of space to store small items.

4. Lighting in the living room

Arranging to light in the living room is not only a chandelier. It is worth considering a few points of light – at least two more to create a unique, cozy atmosphere.

In addition to the pendant lamp,  if the living room is large, it is worth hanging two chandeliers, there should be a standing lamp, perfect for reading books, and small sconces attached to the wall, or small lights placed, for example, on a chest of drawers, which give an atmospheric twilight.

5. Kitchen with living room

The kitchen connected with the living room is an increasingly popular solution – while the kitchen is associated with a space in which it is difficult to maintain perfect order, it does not have to be the case that the kitchen part will spoil the aesthetics of the living room. First of all, find furniture for the kitchen and living room to match each other in style and color. 

In an open living room, not only is the sofa its most crucial point, but the worktop and the island also become important (if you have decided on the option of a kitchen with an island ). It is worth thinking about appropriate lighting – above the countertop, install LED lamps that give warm light and a large pendant lamp above the island. The living room can be completely open to the kitchen or covered with a pillar, low partition wall, or glazing

6. Living room with kitchenette

A living room with a kitchenette is an ideal solution for small apartments – the room then gains space, and the designer gains more arrangement options and freedom for action. 

The floor in the kitchenette and the living room can be the same, e.g., made of the same tiles or panels, but you can also put terracotta next to the kitchen cabinets and panels or parquet in the room. 

7. Arrangements of living rooms with a dining room

Only a few have a separate dining room, as in former palaces and manors. Nowadays, not only in small apartments but also in spacious houses, the living room serves as a dining room  – it then looks elegant and refined, and the space seems more prominent than it is. 

A living room with a dining area must be arranged so that the dining corner with a table and chairs does not obstruct movement, does not cover the TV, and does not limit the space for lounge furniture. 

If you do find not enough space for a large comfortable table, consider purchasing a folding table. It can also be ordered from a carpenter. Then, daily, you can only use a part of the table and set it up only for the arrival of guests.

When arranging a living room with a dining room, it is worth remembering that the kitchen fronts should match the style of the whole house (with closed kitchens, there is a bit more freedom). In the arrangement below, the designers focused on a rustic-style kitchen in light colors, harmonizing with the house’s interiors.

8. Living room in the attic

The attic living room is exceptionally atmospheric. To make it functional, carefully plan where the sofa will stand, especially if the knee wall is low – perhaps the best solution would be to place the couch in the middle of the room? 

This arrangement focuses on white, black, and wood. The interior is very harmonious, spacious, and cozy. If the attic is well lit, it also looks great with the addition of color. In the showroom in the photo below, the designers chose a fashionable holiday turquoise.

9. Living room arrangements – inspiration

Do you still have no idea about arranging your living room? See some inspirations that you can use in your interiors.

Brick wall in the living room

It is neutral and, at the same time, changes the living room. You can use brick in a natural color, characteristic of the loft-style, or paint it, e.g., white.

Living room in a minimalist version

This extremely modern living room is an ideal proposition for minimalists. There are no unnecessary objects or furniture in it, and thanks to the warm shades of the table, wooden elements, and the floor, the whole is extremely cozy.

A living room with an artistic soul

In any home, the living room is the most significant. It is worth it to reflect your preferences and interests. Apart from a comfortable sofa, there is a leather armchair and a daybed in this loft-style living room. There are intriguing graphics on the white walls, and an original loft lamp dominates over everything.

With mock fireplace

Even in the living room in the block of flats, you can arrange a place that will resemble a fireplace. In this living room, where the fire should be burning, a pile of wood was placed. It is a great idea to diversify the space.

 10. Arrangement of a small living room

It is good to arrange the living room in the same style as the rest of the apartment. This rule is essential, especially in the case of a small area. In a large house, the stylistic differentiation between rooms is less offensive and sometimes is an advantage.

The ideal would be to arrange a living room in a room with an area of ​​at least 30 sq m. In a block of flats, especially in a small apartment, we usually have a room with an area of ​​15-20 sq m. Organizing a small living room is a challenge, but it can be placed in such a way that it meets all your needs. Functions – separate a seating corner, a dining room, set up a TV set, and even fit furniture for storing tableware, clothes, or bookshelves.

How to arrange a living room in a block of flats? It is worth starting with choosing a color range – bright colors, e.g., pastels, will work great, but it does not say that in a small living room, you cannot afford one dark wall or heavily patterned wallpaper.

Choose a two-seater sofa and a small coffee table. You can arrange a storage space behind the couch. Find a place for a mirror that visually expands the reach. The interior will also be developed and raised by the curtains hung on hotel curtain rails, i.e., from the ceiling.