Huge Flowering Plants

The flowery gardens amaze the eyes and offer delicious floral scents. If you want a garden that will not go unnoticed and reflect your passion for flowering plants, plants with large flowers are for you. In addition, you will have the choice from an extensive color palette and many varieties, each as original as the next. 

Here are 10 plants with large flowers to grow in your garden!

1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas unveil huge balls of flowers. These big pompoms embellish the landscape, going from blue to pink, passing through purple and lilac. There is a multitude of varieties of hydrangeas that allows you to create colorful variegates!

2. Japanese camellia

If you enjoy English or romantic gardens (usually the two go together), the Japanese camellia is the flower for you. It is a somewhat rustic plant, and it accepts shady corners. The Japanese camellia strongly appreciates the heather soil. You can find many varieties of camellias online.

3. The large-flowered crocus

The Crocus vernus is a very easy bulb to grow and requires very little maintenance! This variety of crocus has larger flowers than the common crocus. Colors can vary between purple, yellow or variegated flowers (often purple streaked with white). The large-flowered crocus measures height between 10 and 15 cm; it begins to make its roots in September and reveals its flowering between March and April.

4. Ornamental garlic

Ornamental garlic ( Allium giganteum ) produces beautiful spheres made up of purple, jagged flowers. It does not go unnoticed in the garden since its large stem can be up to 15 cm high. Enough to give height to the park. In addition, it is an exceptionally hardy and robust plant. Its spheres can measure up to 30 cm in diameter. Another great flower to integrate into your garden.

5. Hibiscus moscheutos

The moscheutos hibiscus is a flower 30 cm in diameter of pink, red or white color. It appreciates very sunny places and drained soils. Despite its exotic appearance, it is a robust plant that tolerates the cold quite well. It is a swampy plant, so it appreciates humid places. The seeds are sown in spring or autumn, in a hot greenhouse.

6. The Bodacious Dahlia

The Bodacious dahlia promises you an original and eye-catching garden. Indeed, its showy flowers, a mixture of bright yellow and fiery red, overlook the landscape and bring a beautiful light. These measures approximately 20 cm! Actual little balls of fire within the landscape!

7. The giant steppe lily

These flowers take up space and fit very well in meadows. The rhizomes are shaped like strange underground octopuses. This plant can grow up to 3 m in height. It is also called “foxtail” because of its large, floral, slender stems. Different colors depend on the variables, such as purple, orange, or white.

8. Grandiflora Mont Blanc magnolia

The Grandiflora Mont Blanc magnolia is a giant flower that measures between 25 and 40 cm in diameter! This impressive flower is immaculate white and brings a certain lightness to the landscape despite its imposing size. It usually blooms in late spring and is admired all summer.

9. Sunflower

If you want to bring a lovely radiance to your garden, the sunflower is the perfect little vegetable sun. Its large yellow flowers and black hearts filled with seeds in summer overlooking the landscape to follow the sun throughout the day. Sunflowers like rich soils; consider adding manure or well-rotted compost. It is also necessary to keep the soil cool by watering it regularly.

10. Hollyhock 

This perennial plant reveals spectacular flowering. The beauty of the hollyhock will leave you speechless. They have this particular embossed aspect which makes all their charm. The flower stems can measure up to 1.50m high. They appear in the garden between June and September. There are different varieties, some of them with crumpled double flowers that add a lot of volume to the space. Little more, it is a honey plant.