Nighttime Terrace Lighting

Having an outdoor terrace, covered or not, is a real chance. This space open to nature allows you to relax and recharge your batteries. Summer evenings are enjoyable with a terrace since you can dine with family or friends under the stars. You can also read quietly by moonlight. But whether it is to admire the autumnal or winter landscape or to bask in the summer, beautiful lighting to give this side which is both magical and practical, is essential! 

Here are 10 ideas for nicely lit terraces at night.

1. Solar lights among the plants for

A natural and ecological effect; you can easily install pretty solar lights among your plants. Integrate them in your large planters, in shrub pots, or even in flower beds. In addition to lighting your terrace, these lights highlight your plants by bringing them all the attention. Aesthetically speaking, this will only beautify your space since there will be no parasitic objects exposed to the eye.

2. Garlands around the furniture

LED garlands are on the rise in gardens. Very economical, this type of luminaire fits in anywhere without danger. LED lights are known to have a very long lifespan. You can install your garlands around the garden furniture or on a support such as a low wall, a fence, or on a pergola.

3. The paper lanterns

For a romantic terrace with a rural atmosphere, paper lanterns are ideal. You can hang them on any support. Hang them all around your patio or even over the table, if you have one. Again, you can turn them from the branches of a sturdy tree. Magical effect guaranteed!

4. Lanterns on the ground and suspended

For your lighting, turn to vintage metal lanterns. This will give a real cachet to your terrace. Choose them in different sizes and install the larger ones on the ground, near the entrance, for example, while having medium and small lanterns all around. You may hang them from a pergola for the lighter ones or use an inconspicuous rope to tie them down. You can also tie them to the branches of the sturdiest trees!

5. Candles under a bell

If you want a more intimate atmosphere, you can opt for natural candles to place under a bell or in a glass lantern. This device requires monitoring. Never leave candles lit when you are away. But, while immersed in a good book, let yourself be carried away by the movement of the flame.

6. Light tiles

It is quite possible to light your terrace from below. There are luminous tile systems that can be integrated directly into the ground of your exterior. These give a more contemporary side to your patio and allow you to highlight specific things like a beautiful exotic plant or a bench installed in a corner.

7. An illuminated terrace thanks to the recycling

For a beautiful lit terrace at a lower cost, you can opt for DIY, for example, by recovering an old birdcage and filling it with fairy lights. You can then hang it on the support of your choice. You can use whatever object you like and customize it to your liking. Integrate LEDs, and you’re done!

8. A fake brazier

The brazier requires quite a bit of space for safety. However, it is possible to simulate a brazier with small light garlands, preferably metallic, as in the photo below. Place a few logs of wood in your unlit brazier and wrap a garland between them. And there you have it, a real luminous work of art!

9. The Cascades of lights

If you love all that glitters, light waterfalls are for you. This consists of placing different LEDs in a garland or isolated along the walls, windows, or a pergola to give that impression of a waterfall. Do not hesitate to add some to the ground to delimit the paths leading to your terrace. You can load the decoration to create this excellent effect.

10. Luminous wall lights and exotic plants

The luminous sconces are placed on the walls but also near flower boxes or plants. Place wall lights at the feet of palm trees or banana trees for this exotic side that brings freshness to your exterior.