Painting, decoration, the colors that are back to school

What colors to choose at the start of the school year? For those who are wondering, good news, the season’s trends are as beautiful as they are easy to adopt. From neutral shades to intense colors on walls or cushions, each has its solution!

1. Beige

Please take a good look; you will see it everywhere. Beige is THE easiest color to adopt in interiors at the start of the school year, both neutral and warm, versatile without being bland. It mixes easily with bright colors for a funky décor, with dark colors to boost contrast or white for a bohemian style. And beige can be more or less dark, tending more towards white or towards white, depending on the desired rendering. In any case, it evokes softness and nature; Dulux Valentine was not mistaken in electing its Terre d’Argile color of the year!

2. Gray

Ultimate Gray was one of two colors of the year elected by Pantone in 2021. And it is always there at the start of the school year, among a vast palette that stretches from light gray to anthracite, from bluish-gray to pink, which is to say that it is difficult to go wrong with gray in the décor, especially since we can mix the tones at will for a soft and elegant shade. Gray can also be used in wall painting as well as on kitchen facades or sofa coverings!

3. The nude

Nude is this very light pink flesh tone, halfway between beige and old pink. Warmer than beige, therefore, but more neutral than pink, it can be found in all back-to-school trends, particularly textiles: cushions, curtains, bed linen, or armchair and sofa coverings give pride of place to this ultra shade. -cocooning. A pink is so soft that it pairs easily with other colors, including gray, black, navy blue, or khaki!

4. And the cake

We were talking about it. After emerald green and sage green, khaki green is essential in the decoration trends for the school year! This pretty green tinged with a hint of yellow is warmer than bright green while retaining the natural connotation specific to green. Cozy, soothing, and yet sophisticated, it can be used on walls and decorative objects. But for those who are shy about color, don’t panic. We start with a cushion or an armchair before repainting the living room in khaki from floor to ceiling.

5. Terracotta

We’ve seen him in the home décor collections all year round, and he’s in no rush to leave them. At the start of the school year, terracotta remains omnipresent: this shade is neither pink nor red, and even almost orange evokes terracotta, craftsmanship, nature, and the sun. We love it in Mediterranean atmospheres, but it also goes perfectly with gray, white, or beige in modern and warm atmospheres.

6. Grayish blue

Aquatic nuances are still on the rise, and in the fall, gray-blue stands out. This soft, almost pastel blue evokes nature and the countryside, with a zen effect particularly appreciated in 2021, context obliges. It is found on the walls for soothing atmospheres and duvets and eiderdowns, tablecloths, and curtains. In plain, it is timeless, and with delicate floral or striped patterns, it displays a deliciously retro look for a country house spirit as we like it!

7. The old rose

More or less pale as desired, the old rose is a grayish pink that is easy to adopt. Like nude, it is easier to use as touches on accessories, but it can also dress up a section of wall for a romantic atmosphere without falling into sentimentality! The dose of gray it contains makes it a muted shade full of character, which can be divinely cozy with white, playful with green, or downright modern with charcoal black or charcoal gray.

8. Navy blue

Another one that has been in the top trendy colors for a long time. Navy blue, navy for English speakers, remains an excellent alternative for those who want to bet on dark colors without being satisfied with black and gray. It too goes perfectly with pops of color and neutral shades like beige, and it too works wonders on walls, kitchen furniture, or bed linen. Suffice to say that this pretty midnight blue will look great in the house at the start of the school year.

9. The spicy yellow

Saffron yellow or curry yellow, each with its fragrance. This warm and muted yellow can be found in all collections to wake up the navy, boost beige, or twist gray at the start of the school year! Warm in a terracotta atmosphere, vibrant in a bright white room, sparkling with blues and greens, it goes well with all colors, or almost. But here again, we reserve it for touches, from cushions to dishes or half-walls, to avoid the overdose of spices!

10. The wine

Okay, this isn’t the easiest color to use on walls but used well, the burgundy makes a hell of a splash. A royal effect, even, since it evokes castles and bourgeois estates, all the more so if it is associated with royal blue, velvet, and woodwork in a maximalist version. To avoid overloading, we instead combine it with clean lines and black metal. To illuminate it, we put on white and light wood, and in all cases, we add a touch of gold to warm it up!