Toilet Paper Storage

There is toilet paper in every bathroom. However, not everyone knows that its storage can be arranged with taste. Some devices are purchased ready-made, while others are available for self-production. The placement of toilet paper should be comfortable and also serve as stylish interior detail.

1. Shelf above the door

One of the easiest ways to place toilet paper in a bathroom is a shelf above the door. As a rule, it is narrow, its length being the same as the length of the toilet door. This is not the most original way of storage, but it is convenient since the paper is always at hand and insight.

2. An unusual shelf for tic-tac-toe players

The square wooden structure with nine individual compartments can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor if the toilet space permits. To make it resemble the famous game “Tic-tac-toe,” rolls of toilet paper are placed in some cells, and the rest are filled with wooden crosses.

3. Hidden storage option

Not everyone wants to keep such an intimate hygiene item in plain sight. Therefore, leaving one roll on the holder, the rest are placed in an ordinary cabinet. But if you do not want the paper to take up space on the shelves, a unique holder for several rolls is attached to the door from the inside.

4. Round wooden shelves

Several round wooden shelves located next to the wall of the bathroom look stylish and unusual. There you can place not only rolls of toilet paper but also other necessary items that should always be at hand – towels, aromatic oils, hygiene products, bars of soap.

5. Wicker baskets

If you take several wicker baskets of the same shape and size and fasten them to the wall with holders, you can get a unique and unusual storage system for toilet paper. They should be elongated and fit 2-3 rolls.

6. Unusual shelves

A wall shelf in the shape of a cloud, a sheep, or a wave is an excellent solution for a small bathroom. It is an irregularly shaped shelf. We get a fundamental composition by fixing it with holders on the wall and filling it with rolls of white toilet paper. It’s beautiful and convenient!

7. Organizer

An uncomplicated and straightforward product for storing toilet paper in a small bathroom is a hanging organizer. This lightweight storage device allows multiple roles to be stored.

8. Paper tree

Making a tree for storing toilet paper takes some creativity. The main thing is to find a suitable dry tree with knots, process it, varnish it.

Hang rolls of toilet paper on knots and place the device in a container next to the toilet. There are also ready-made devices in the form of a tree on sale.

9. Floor boxes

An exciting and unusual solution for storing toilet paper in a small bathroom is a wooden box. It is placed on the floor directly next to the toilet and filled with rolls.

The system will hold large stocks of paper, and due to its compact size, such a box can be placed even in the narrowest place.

10. Toilet tank

As a rule, the toilet cistern is used exclusively for its intended purpose, and in fact, it can be adapted for storage. If the design of the tank allows, metal support can be attached to it.