Beautiful Garden

1. Chameleon flowers

1. Chameleon flowers

Chameleon is a fantastic animal that amazes with its ability to change color. However, this skill is possessed not only by him but also by some garden flowers. Having settled them in your flower beds, Throughout the season, you can see significant color changes.

There is already a large selection of such plants available. These include:

  • blue and smoky varieties of Phlox paniculata, 
  • some varieties of hydrangea panicle (‘Limelight’) and tree (‘Annabelle’), 
  • echinacea ‘Green Envy,’ 
  • roses ‘Acropolis’, ‘Apricot Bells’, ‘Gloria Dei’, ‘Keith’s Delight’, ‘Lavender Pinocchio’, ‘Plaisanterie’, ‘Sahara’, 
  • pink varieties of oak anemones – ‘Kentish Pink,’ ‘Marselina,’ ‘Tilo,’ ‘Frülings Fee.’ 
  • and even many yellow-coniferous varieties of mountain pines. 

2.”Hot” flower beds

2. Hot flower beds

There’s nothing wrong with brightening up your backyard. Finally, the harsh Russian environment and the monotony of everyday life contribute to the impulse to create a flower garden-themed “50 shades of red.” 

By subtly choosing nuanced combinations of colors and foliage of various tones of red – from scarlet to crimson, You can start a “garden fire.” The most important thing is not to overdo it.

Another option is to add other “warm” colors – yellow, orange, magenta, pink, purple – and dilute them with white. Such a flower garden will also be spectacular and “hot.” And most importantly, it will cheer you up even in the coldest and most cloudy summer.

3. Russian phloxes

3. Russian phloxes

Russians can rightfully be proud of their domestic contribution to the world treasury of varieties of Phlox paniculata – here we are ahead of the whole planet. It is pleasant to note, not only in quantity but also in quality: the old varieties of Pavel Gaganov and Maria Sharonova delight more than one generation of gardeners in Russian and foreign gardens. Modern breeders do not lag: every year at thematic exhibitions, they present new products – one more beautiful and original than the other. Here are two unique masterpieces from our contemporaries in this photo: phlox with an unusual flower shape ‘The Pride of Russia’ by Yuri Reprev and the tragic ‘Alexei Lensky’ by Elena Konstantinova. 

4.”Mobile” container garden

4. Mobile container garden

Planting plants on any horizontal surface, such as a paved area or wooden flooring, may give it vitality. Plants in containers will save the day: they will take attention, but they are helpful because the compositions may be changed as often as desired. Large containers are preferable because the soil dries up more slowly in them. It makes sense to add hydrogel to the substrate to reduce watering. It is possible to grow in containers not only annuals but also perennial crops, for example, hosts, astilbe. True, for the winter, you will have to transplant them from containers into the ground or remove the pots with plants in a frost-free place (for example, in the basement). Some gardeners thus maintain collections of varieties of garden hydrangea.

5. Tulips “double effect.”

5. Tulips double effect

With this phrase, tulips are indicated on the packaging, from which you can expect a little more than usual. Often, double-effect tulips are simultaneously recorded as double, with a peony-shaped flower, and multi-flowered (they give a whole bunch of flowers from one bulb), as well as terry varieties with variegated leaves. There are also more exciting rarities. For example, a tulip from the Lily-colored class, but at the same time with fringed petals. Or a parrot tulip with variegated foliage. 

6.Clematis for beginners

6. Clematis for beginners

To help budding growers, Clematis Lovers International has compiled a list of large-flowered varieties for beginners. They are unpretentious, reliable, and will not require special care from those who decided to plant this blooming liana in their garden for the first time.

Early flowering varieties are clematis’ Fujimusume, ” General Sikorski, ” Guernsey Cream, ” Pink Champagne, ” Mrs. Georg Jackman, ” Niobe, ” Piilu, ” The President ‘,’ Westerplatte. ‘ 

Recommended summer varieties are ‘Ascotiensis,’ ‘Comtesse de Bouchaud,’ ‘Gipsy Queen,’ ‘Hagley Hybrid,’ ‘Huldine,’ ‘Jackmanii,’ ‘John Huxtable,’ ‘Kardynal Wyszynski,’ ‘Victoria,’ ‘Viola,’ ‘Warszawska Nike.’ 

Among the double varieties, it is worth choosing those that bloom with double flowers on both old and new shoots, for example, ‘Diamantina’ or ‘Josephine.’

7. Perennials with beautiful fruits

7. Perennials with beautiful fruits

If you haven’t already, look out for perennials with beautiful fruits. You can receive a double advantage from them because they often appear even better in the fall than in the spring.

8. Green flowers

8. Green flowers

When they talk about green in the garden, the first of all mean a rich choice from many options for shapes and shades of foliage. And they often forget about plants with green flowers. This in itself is a unique quality that surprises and makes you look closely. Simultaneously, in the flower garden, such plants serve as a neutral “pacifier,” smoothing color transitions and delighting with hues of green ranging from lime to olive. Green flowers can be found in a wide variety of plants, including annual and perennial flowers, bulbous and indoor plants, roses and clematis, trees, and shrubs.

9. Delicious neighbors

9. Delicious neighbors

Have you ever noticed that green plants and vegetables are not only delicious and nutritious but also extremely attractive? And if you mix them in with regular flowers, you can create a flower garden to suit any taste – in every sense of the word. Among the “garden” plants, you can find:

  • “Architectural” elements ( rhubarb, artichoke, sunflower ), 
  • coloristic accents  (“colored” varieties of cabbage, salads, basil, chard ), 
  • options for green borders ( parsley, oregano, chives )
  • and even lianas ( beans, peas, cucumbers, and small pumpkins ) for vertical gardening.

Strawberries can also decorate a mixed border with beautiful leaves and flowers and delicious bright red fruits.

10. Garden second-hand

10. Garden second-hand

If something has served its purpose in the house, you can give it a new lease on life in the garden. Of course, we’re not talking about tacky flower beds made out of old tires but rather attractive and valuable alternatives. For example, a cast-iron bed from an antique Singer sewing machine can be an original base for a garden table decorated with flowers – you need to choose a suitable tabletop.