An empty kitchen workspace looks as uncomfortable as a surface wholly cluttered with all kinds of utensils.

Following are 10 ideas of how to decorate the countertop with benefit and at the same time maintain a balance.

1. Tray

Often, small kitchen utensils placed on the work surface make it visually cluttered. A beautiful tray made of natural stone, precious wood, our high-quality plastic will unite several small jars and bottles, creating a single composition.

2. Greens

If you love houseplants, a couple of compact pots with real flowers that don’t require a lot of sunlight are great decor. Ideal when the work surface is large and close to the window.

3. Breadbox

It is not an obligatory kitchen attribute that can take up too much space in a small room, but valuable and beautiful decor. Breadbins are often a work of art.

Choose a container that matches your aesthetic: it may hold bread and numerous packages containing items that are unlikely to clutter the interior when opened. The upper part is easy to use as a shelf.

4. A bowl of fruit

The fruit will look perfect in a glass dish, fruit bowl, or metal basket in any kitchen. They will enliven the atmosphere and add home comfort to the most restrained and minimalistic interior.

5. Photo frames

It is a decor option for true aesthetes who want to add coziness to the kitchen and minimize its perception as a technical room for cooking. That is why “non-kitchen” images are chosen for decoration: posters with inscriptions, laconic drawings, and photographs, botanical illustrations. Frames are placed on the countertop and open shelves, creating an unusual gallery.

6. Bookcase

A real trend that has become widespread abroad is using a multi-tiered fruit rack for other purposes.

Small pots with houseplants are placed on a three-story tray, decorated for the holidays, decorating with candles, Easter eggs, and sweets, as well as equipping a tea station, showing aesthetic mugs and a variety of drinks. As usual, priority is given to wood and metal.

7. Flowerpot

This idea from IKEA is not new, but it can still surprise those who do not expect to find a flower pot without plants on the kitchen countertop. A bold solution for those who are looking for an unusual container for a whole bunch of cutlery.

8. Lemonade

Another fantastic method to spruce up your kitchen is to display a lovely colored glass jug or a pitcher of lemonade. If you like soft drinks, it is worth remembering a glass container with bright contents on the countertop to give yourself and those around you a good mood, reminding you of the sunny summer.

9. Epoxy resin board

An impressive piece of hardwood and compositions in the form of an amount of space or sea is used not only as a decoration – you can cut and serve food on such cutting boards.

Even a single board, neat and tasteful, can add personality and elegance to your kitchen.

10. Books

In a small kitchen, placing a stack of books near the sink and stove is not worth it – they quickly deform and become unusable. But if there is enough space on the countertop, place cookery or art publications by collecting them in a wicker or metal basket.

Even though the kitchen serves as a place for cooking, the countertop can be decorated with completely “non-kitchen” items: this will add attractiveness to the interior and maintain the chosen style.