10 Amazing Ideas To Apply Old Broken Ceramic Tiles In Your Home

The repair does not go unnoticed. It seems that the finishing work is coming to an end, but at the doorstep, mountains of construction waste, remnants of materials, and old coatings await us, which are immediately sent to the landfill. But do not rush to get rid of building materials, especially ceramic tiles, which have acquired vintage wear and noble antiquity over time. Turning to your imagination, you will find many ways to use ceramics in the home and outdoors.

Following are the ideas for how to decorate your home with broken ceramic.

1. Country design

1. Country Side

Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware are durable natural materials that feel great both in the house and garden. Perhaps you have seen more than once paths that are lined with various tiles and fastened with concrete. Even heavily damaged parts that have entirely lost their original appearance will last for several more years. In addition, the smooth surface of the tile is easy to clean from snow, sand, and debris. Another suitable option is cladding the old foundation. Not only does porcelain stoneware look very impressive, but it also protects the base of the house from moisture.

2. A new look for the kitchen

2. A new look for the kitchen

The kitchen unit’s working surface is subjected to constant mechanical stress and the effects of environmental elements such as moisture and temperature. Therefore, low-quality coatings quickly deteriorate, and modern and durable materials are pretty expensive.

Ceramic tiles come to the rescue, from which you get delicious countertops in the cooking area and bright aprons that break the standards even in the most conservative spaces. And the main thing here is harmony and balance between all surfaces, which are achieved by a competent play of color and shape.

Mosaic is considered a definitive solution for old ceramic tiles. With its help, you can create colorful paintings and panels using fragments of different colors and shapes. Broken and cut ceramics are best suited for these purposes, but if you wish, you can make your mosaic from whole fragments.

The complexity of the drawing depends on skills and imagination. The easiest option that the whole family can do is patterns, ornaments, or abstractions. Moreover, other materials go well with porcelain stoneware, so do not be afraid to add additional elements from glass, metal, plastic, and wood.

3. Stairsteps


Lined with old ceramic tiles, the staircase to the houses becomes the central composition of the entire interior. Ceramics look harmoniously with natural stone, metal forged elements, and wood, so they will easily fit into almost any interior.


Ceramic tiled steps become more functional. It is easier to care for them. They are non-slip and repel moisture and various dirt without any problems. But not all designs are suitable for installing tiles. Do not forget that ceramics and porcelain stoneware have weight, and this is an additional load on the stairs.

4. Furniture with ceramics

Furniture with ceramics

Taking the countertop as an example, the kitchen table is a fertile space for experimentation. Using fragments of ceramic tiles, epoxy resin, or special glue, you can create large-scale art canvases or unobtrusive monochromatic textures that add additional volume to the room.

Look into the attic, garage, or closet; perhaps you will find old chairs or stools that are still firmly on their legs but have already lost their entire presentation. Ceramic tiles look good on a seat or backrest. Such vintage furniture goes well with textiles and wood.

5. Craft floor

Craft floor

If the dismantled tile looks good, it can be given a second chance as the main covering in other rooms by connecting the elements in a new way, revising the already annoying concept. It’s even better if you get your hands on tiles from different collections with bright, juicy designs. Add an unrestrained palette of colors with sunny insistence to the interior.

For classic interiors, it is better to stick to traditional shapes and colors, from which a noble floor covering is formed, discreet and elegant. But the bed should not be a surface in its own right, created to showcase your creativity. Therefore, select the colors and shades in advance.

6. Photo on ceramics

Photos On Ceramic

Present your friends or loved ones with original tiles with funny photos printed on them. Drill a hole in the tile and attach the hardware to allow the image to be hung or placed on a shelf.

7. Wall decor

Ceramic Wall Decor

From ordinary-looking tiles, interesting compositions are obtained that in themselves look like works of art. Volumetric abstractions, contrasting triptychs, and pastel surfaces – all this can be hung over the bed or in the corridor, diversifying your interior.

8. Kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils

Cutting boards, hot coasters, mugs, and much more can be decorated with ordinary colored mosaics. The finer the details you get, the more exciting and voluminous the image will look.

9. Mirror frame

Mosaic Mirror frame

Large mirrors hanging in the bathroom or hallway grab attention and expand the space in themselves, and with an elegant handmade ceramic frame, this piece of furniture will become your pride.

Mosaic Mirror frame

10. Vases and flower pots

Vases and flower pots

Flower pots are rarely combined with the main design of the room, or they look plain and shabby at all, and a good vase at an affordable price is very difficult to find. If the situation is the same in your house, urgently take tiles, glue, and start decorating.