Top Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Living Room

buy online Autodesk Revit 2017 It can be difficult to design the perfect living room. As we spend the majority of our free time in the living room, it needs to have a balance of function, style, and convenience. In a small space, that task becomes a stressful puzzle as we try to fit everything we want into a limited area. If you’re looking for options, you’re in luck. We’re here to share a few tips that bring balance to your living room without sacrificing style.

Get Rid of Clutter

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We’re making this the first tip because it should be the easiest, but nonetheless, it’s the most neglected tip amongst apartment dwellers. To get your stuff under control, go through and make a list of items that are necessary for your living room and those that can be moved elsewhere or donated.

After you process those, go through all papers, documents, and magazines, organizing them into electronic storage, a library, or the trash. Finally, vacuuming and general cleaning will make your living room feel more spacious instantly.

Remember, less is More

If you think cramming pieces of furniture into a small living room will make your luxury apartment feel complete, think again. Forego purchasing large sectional couches or big reclining chairs. Instead, opt for slim-arm or armless couches and slim-legged chairs or coffee tables. Make these changes, and your apartment will look sleek, stylish, and spacious.

Use Strategic Storage Options

Use Strategic Storage Options
When it comes to finding a place for your stuff, think about furniture that doubles as a storage option. An ottoman that opens up can be a great place for a few blankets. Similarly, a large vintage trunk provides an incredible opportunity to double your living room’s centerpiece as a storage unit. Coffee tables with built-in shelves or drawers can also help utilize space and function.

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Avoid Dimly Lit Spaces

A dark living room is usually a cluttered living room. Plus, bright light can make a small area seem more lively and spacious. With that in mind, you still want to avoid taking up too much floor space with lamps. Wall and shelf mounted lighting surrounded by light shades of color can enhance any living room.

Going Green

Going Green
Decorating your living room with plants, either on an entry table or hanging up, can be a great way to make your modern apartment home livelier. Opt for easy-to-care-for apartment plants like bamboo, peace lilies, and bonsai.

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