15 Best Small Bathroom Ideas For 2017

Bathroom being the most important space in any house, its decoration has to be taken care with full time and concentration. One just cannot ignore this part of the house. It is an important space now just because its a bathroom, but it is a place to relax and its decoration adds value to the complete look of the house.

It is easy to design something if the space is big, but a small bathroom is quite tough task and that too if you want all the facilities to be incorporated in that very small space. But worry now, Dwelling Decor is here with its latest collection which gathers some beautiful ideas to design a small bathroom.

A small bathroom can also be very well designed if done with complete planning and great interior decor ideas. Nowadays variety of designs are available online as well as with the interior decorators. Checkout our latest collection of “15 Best Small Bathroom Ideas For 2017”. Enjoy!

Small Bathroom Ideas For 2017

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Source: gilmerkitchens.com

Beach Style Bathroom Design

Source: milakolpakova.com

Contemporary Bathroom Design

Source: barrettstudio.com

Craftsman Bathroom Design

Source: rpmorrisonbuilders.com

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Source: maxiimov.ru

Mediterranean Bathroom Design

Source: francescapagliai.houzz.it

Midcentury Bathroom Design

Source: stevendewall.com

Modern Bathroom Design

Source: huntsmore.com

Rustic Bathroom Design

Source: maxiimov.ru

Scandinavian Bathroom Design

Source: zi-design.ru

Traditional Bathroom Design

Source: lowermerionhomes.com

Transitional Bathroom Design

Source: touchstoneliving.com

Eclectic Bathroom Design

Source: dvekati.ru

Industrial Bathroom Design

Source: antresoledesign.com

Shabby-Chic Style Bathroom Design

Source: archproject.org

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