15 Amazing Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Farmhouse Kids Bathroom

We all want to do the best for our little bundle of joy. We wish to provide the best of the facilities to our kids. Although decorating a kids bathroom is a relatively fast process, but choosing the best design or the best theme is a touch choice to be made. If you are looking for some great ideas to decorate your kids bathroom, then checkout our latest collection of “15 Amazing Kids Bathroom Design Ideas” and get inspired.

While decorating a kids bathroom, one should always keep in mind the two important aspects i.e. the mid- safety and a theme of your kid’s interest. A kids bathroom decorating is not much of a dearth, all it requires is careful planning and implementing the planning. You can also involve your children as you lay out plans to decorate their bathroom. After all, they will be the ones using it.

In a kid’s bathroom the wetter areas like the vanity sink, bathtub or toilet, one must be keep in mind to put in articles that can be easily cleaned and are extremely long lasting. This not only ensures cleanliness, it also ensures your child’s safety while using the bathroom. Checkout our latest gallery and get inspired for some beautiful ideas to impress your child.

Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

follow link Asian Kids Bathroom

Asian design is famous for unique style and relaxing atmosphere this beautiful small bathroom includes dark aqua blue cabinets with double vanity and white curtain truly mesmerizing.

Beach Style Kids Bathroom

This is a very beautiful Beach style kids bathroom idea to impress your little one. The combination of white and blue is in itself a superb choice.

Eclectic Kids Bathroom

This is an example of a large eclectic kids tub and shower combo with the blue colored closed cabinets, blue walls, dark hardwood floors and a vessel sink. It has all the beauty that a kid can enjoy and cherish all his lifetime.

Farmhouse Kids Bathroom

This is a semi sized country kids tub with shower combined with furniture-like cabinets, rustic cabinets, wooden counter tops looks stunning with beige subway wall tiles.

Industrial Kids Bathroom

Mediterranean Kids Bathroom

Midcentury Kids Bathroom

Midcentury Kids Bathroom


Modern Kids Bathroom

Scandinavian Kids Bathroom

This is a small Scandinavian kids bathroom with a very stylish walk-in shower remodel, combined with white cabinets, an alcove tub, white ceramic tiles, white walls and ceramic floors.

Shabby-Chic Style Kids Bathroom

This is a very beautiful piece of architecture to impress any kid with small cottage chic and recessed-panel wooden cabinets, a drop-in tub, black and white tiles.

Southwestern Kids Bathroom

Transitional Kids Bathroom

Rustic Kids Bathroom

This is a very beautiful theme of small mountain style kids tub and shower combo design with brown flat-panel cabinets, a drop-in tub, blue and green tiles, blue walls.

Contemporary Kids Bathroom

Contemporary Kids Bathroom


Checkout this contemporary kids bathroom with a hot water tub, an alcove shower and a combination of white and grey tiles.

Traditional Kids Bathroom

Kids bathroom decoration is real fun and creativity. Installation of these amazing kids bathroom decorating ideas will help you create a whole new world for your kid in his or her bathroom.

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