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15 Compact Living Room Ideas To Get Inspired

Small Shabby-Chic Style Living Room ideas

A living room is that space in the house while is the most lively and where all the family members come and sit together for a chit chat and gossips or entertainment over a cup of tea or other beverages. If you are looking for some ideas to decorate your living room then check out our latest collection of 15 Compact Living Room Ideas To Get Inspired.

A living room should be a comfortable and fun place to be at. The atmosphere should be very calm and peaceful. Although space is small it can be decorated very well if done with proper planning and technology. So a compact living room can be decorated in in the best manner and can look spacious too. Check out our collection and get inspired.

Compact Living Room Ideas To Get Inspired

Small Midcentury Living Room

We love this awesome and clean design of a small midcentury enclosed living room with beige walls and light hardwood floors and ofcourse the large canvas.

Small Asian Living Room

Check out this small formal enclosed living room decoration in Chicago designed with a combination of white and gray color combination with a soft and comfortable sofa with cushion and an idol of Buddha placed there.

Small Traditional Living Room

This small classic enclosed living room design in Portland with multicolored walls, and a beautiful sofa and cushions. The lamps on both the sides are looking awesome. The cushioned table with a flower vase is making the living room just perfect.

Small Southwestern Living Room

This is a wonderful inspiration for a southwestern enclosed living room remodel in Boston has a rustic look made with wooden walls and leather sofa. The beautiful carpet with animal print is just awesome.

Small Shabby-Chic Style Living Room

Check out this small cottage chic compact living room design in Kansas City with gray walls and light hardwood flooring. The color of the sofa and the picture on the wall is just awesome.

Small Scandinavian Living Room

Small Scandinavian Living Room


Check out this small Danish compact living room designed in Gothenburg which is looking just like a restaurant or a beautiful space to have some fun and quality time with friends and family. The light wood ceiling and the glass sliders are making it look completely different.

Small Rustic Living Room

Get inspired by this small rustic living room remodel in Tokyo with some vintage accessories like colored suitcases and a small window just like the earlier days is just a perfect place to enjoy.

Small Modern Living Room

This living room must have attracted your eyes at the very first look only. The color combination of white and orange is just stunning. The owner of this apartment wanted to transform it into a pied a Terre with the feel of a high-end hotel getaway.

Small Mediterranean Living Room

Check out this small Tuscan living room in Phoenix with red brick floors,  is a beautiful example of a traditional living room with colorful and printed curtains and wall clock. The red chair instead of a sofa is just looking awesome.

Small Industrial Living Room

This is a small industrial open concept living room remodel is a great example of modern decoration. The sofa with checkered linen is just unique and very attractive. The wooden slab placed in the center instead of a table is the masterpiece in the whole of the room.

Small Farmhouse Living Room

Check out this small country enclosed living room. On the other hand, I think I can use a real wall and door to hang pictures and frames.

Small Eclectic Living Room

This small eclectic enclosed living room in Kansas city is a perfect room for any girl’s preference and is stunningly decorated in the pink colored sofa with a compact white dining table and beautiful curtains.

Small Craftsman Living Room

Check out this compact living room inspiration with white walls and a carpet. You can put the candleholder in the firebox with a reflective back and TV above it.

Small Contemporary Living Room

Small Contemporary Living Room


This awesome contemporary living room with blue tufted sofa seats on a patterned area carpet along with chrome coffee table bench and gold drapery

Small Beach Style Living Room

A wonderful small formal enclosed living room with gray walls and frame designs in pastel orange color on the walls is looking perfect and very attractive.



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