15 Stunning Kids Attic Bedroom Ideas

Kids Attic Traditional Bedroom

Kids are the best gift from God to any mankind. There is no comparison to this miracle of God. We all wish to provide the best facility to our child and one of them is the bedroom. If you are looking for some beautiful designs to decorate an attic bedroom for your child then check out our latest collection of 15 Stunning Kids Attic Bedroom Ideas and get inspired.

Decorating an attic bedroom can be really challenging and tough task especially if it is for your bundle of joy. Advanced planning has to be done to decorate the bedroom in the most stylish manner which can really bring a smile on your kid’s face and can be really a fun filled place for him. You are definitely lucky if you have an attic in your bedroom. You can decorate your attic the way you like and create your own favorite corner in the house or even an extra place for your child.

It is a great idea to utilize your attic space and transform it into a bedroom. It can serve as an extra bed space for your guests or a bedroom where your kids can move in and have fun while growing up. Check out our latest gallery and get inspired for surprising your child and making him happy.

Stunning Kids Attic Bedroom Ideas

Kids Attic Beach Style Bedroom

This is a beautiful example with a spacious loft area with built-in beds which can create a fun hang out spot for your kids. The bean bags are adding to the attraction of the room.

Kids Attic Boho Girl’s Bedroom

This is an interesting and majestic design of the Boho girl’s attic bedroom and can easily inspire anyone who looks at it. Everything from the ceiling design to the wooden flooring to the antique decoration is just beautiful and adorable.

Kids Attic Colorful Bedroom

Kids Attic Colorful Bedroom

The bright color combination in this bedroom is making it look airy and fresh. The hardwood wooden flooring and the rug is making the room look really attractive and energetic.

Kids Attic Contemporary Bedroom

Just check out the number of beds in one room. This is definitely an example of a very spacious bedroom.

Kids Attic Craftsman Bedroom

Check out this beautiful example of the Contemporary custom craftsman kid’s bedroom with beautifully arranged bed space in the attic area of the room and choice of bright colors is just up to the mark.

Kids Attic Eclectic Bedroom

Check out this beautiful example of an eclectic kids bedroom remodel in Atlanta with prints on the walls and light hardwood floors and white furniture and furnishings.

Kids Attic Farmhouse Bedroom

Kids Attic Industrial Bedroom

Check out this Industrial kids bedroom idea in Vancouver with a combination of white and gray walls and medium tone hardwood floors.

Kids Attic Mediterranean Bedroom

Get inspired from this Mediterranean kids bedroom remodel in Phoenix with beige walls and carpet and the wooden ceiling giving it a vintage look and very attractive.

Kids Attic Modern Bedroom

Check out this small modern kids bedroom idea in Berlin with a color combination of white walls and carpet and the choice of pastel cushions is just perfect.

Kids Attic Narrow Bedroom Design

Kids Attic Narrow Bedroom Design


This Colorful bedroom from Tapja, although built in a narrow space, looks wide due to the use of horizontal lines moving outward.

Kids Attic Rustic Bedroom

Kids Attic Shabby Chic Bedroom

Check out this shabby chic boys’ attic room to impress your bundle of joy. The choice of color for the wooden flooring is uniqe and fresh.

Kids Attic Traditional Bedroom

Get inspired for a timeless kids bedroom remodel in London with a combination of white colored walls and rustic wood furniture and the choice of vintage beds is just awesome.

Kids Attic Victorian Bedroom

This is a unique example of an ornate kids bedroom design. It is nine feet five inches wide and seven feet deep to create a unique look and inspire your kid.



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