10 Interior Design Styles Explained In 2018

Deciding the theme and style for their home interiors is one of the most impossible tasks for many homeowners. Yeah sure, there are a lot of magazines, web-sites, books and television shows each presenting beautifully photographed chic and stylish interiors filled with the perfect decor ideas and each slapping an editorial spin on what this look will be called, but is any of this actually helpful or does it leave you leave all the more confused, thus leaving most homes in an unfocused design haze far longer than necessary?

When it comes to interior design styles, there are a lot and that too, they constantly evolve as designers find nuances and discover variations, spinning off new trends of established stylistic traditions. It definitely helps to include a wide selection when comparing different interior design styles, taking the best of each to arrange a home design that uniquely fits your personality. So here are 10 Interior Design Styles Explained In 2018 for your Home or Apartment to help you cut through the clutter and the confusion.

Contemporary Interior Design

The one major rule to always remember when it comes to contemporary design is “less is more”. You hardly ever encounter clutter in contemporary home decor as it is preferred for its clean lines and sleek sophistication. If you are a fan of ruffles, frills, floral patterns and tapestry, contemporary design may not suit you. The new contemporary interior design is clean and smooth, thus imparting a modern feeling no matter what kind of living space you have.

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Contemporary Master Light Wood Floor Bedroom Dwellingdecor
Source: sceg.it

Medium Tone Wood Floor Dining Room

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Medium Tone Wood Floor Dining Room Dwellingdecor
Source: sceg.it

Contemporary Deck

Contemporary Deck Dwellingdecor
Source: lefoto.es

Eclectic interior design

Eclectic designs combine different styles of furniture – modern and classical, old and trendy, pastel and vibrant colors, oriental and bohemian, just to name a few. The combinations are done freely and creatively letting you createa unique livable space that reflects your personality. A good eclectic design gives you the impression that the elements weren’t actually planned to be put there at but were collected in a certain chronology and somehow fell into place by accident. The very essence of an eclectic attempt is to have everything from different furniture genres blending together and sealed by a cohesive element somewhere in those combinations.

Eclectic Dining End Of The Kitchen

Eclectic Dining End Of The Kitchen Dwellingdecor
Source: fenwickandtilbrook.com

Eclectic Kitchen Design

Eclectic Kitchen Design Dwellingdecor
Source: jeromecoton.com

Modern Interior Design

Modern style is what most people prefer to go with these days for the simple reason that while it exhibits simplicity, the coziness is not compromised. Space, Air and Light are the three main components of a modern interior design which is complemented by an abundance of pastel colors: from red-brown in parts of a tree to the light in the dairy elements of decoration to yellow – the most vivid and bright, shining, sunny, an energy impact. This style seems steeped in the sun and creates a sense of their internal chronology of the seasons as if the apartment is always in the late summer or early autumn. The main feature of modern interior design is detail – the emphasis on certain things, whether it’s furniture, accessory or something else.

Mid-sized Modern Gray Floor Walk-in Shower

Mid-sized Modern Gray Floor Walk-in Shower Dwellingdecor
Source: mayphotography.com.au

Minimalist Gray Floor Great Room

Minimalist Gray Floor Great Room Dwellingdecor
Source: thescientist.com.sg

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional interior designs involve a great deal of variety in the elements of a home, from the ceilings to the floor; including the trim, the wall finishes, all the way to the window treatments and the furniture.

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Classic Light Wood Floor Living Room

Classic Light Wood Floor Living Room Dwellingdecor
Source: oswaldhomes.com.au

Traditional L-shaped Beige Floor Kitchen

Traditional L-shaped Beige Floor Kitchen Dwellingdecor
Source: wlinteriors.us

Asian Interior Design

Asian styles can be easily adopted by involving Japanese designs in the decor. As seen in the example below, the Shoji screens, which form an integral part of the Japanese style is used more popularly than other locally available ones. It is nothing but a frame made of wood with flaunting lattice designs. Rice paper is filled in some of the frames while the others are left plain with some charming designs.

Asian Living Room

Asian Living Room Dwellingdecor
Source: fukuda-housing.com

Beach Style Interior Design

Bring the coast to your home’s interior with beach style interior design which involves accents of vibrant color. The architecture is easy to identify, with its wood-shingle siding, white trim, porches, boardwalks, natural lighting and light, breezy colors. The inside, flaunts a coastal decor which almost always includes distressed or whitewashed wood, sisal, rope and wicker materials.

Mid-sized Beach Style White Floor Bedroom

Mid-sized Beach Style White Floor Bedroom Dwellingdecor
Source: forresterroberts.com

Craftsman Interior Design

Understated elegance, simple lines, and form following function are the key elements of a craftsman styled interior design. The currently increasing awareness about environmental issues and “green living” can be clearly seen dovetailing into this aesthetic, resulting in a resurgence of interest in the Arts and Crafts Style.

Open Concept Concrete Floor And Gray Floor Living Room

Open Concept Concrete Floor And Gray Floor Living Room Dwellingdecor
Source: triplebarconstruction.ca

Craftsman Porch With A Roof Extension

Craftsman Porch With A Roof Extension Dwellingdecor
Source: wellbalanceddesigns.ca

Industrial Interior Design

Minimalist, modern and sleek. Whilst the industrial look is thought to be best suited for industrial buildings such as warehouses and loft style apartments, this look can very well be used for other interiors to impart a similar feel. The color palette is mainly black, grey and white dominant and could also be be used for the furniture and accessories such as upholstery fabric on sofas and chairs.

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Industrial Dining Room With Multicolored Walls

Industrial Dining Room With Multicolored Walls Dwellingdecor
Source: tdciesl.com

Industrial Living Room

Industrial Living Room Dwellingdecor
Source: grandliving.jp

Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interior designs create an eclectic look that focuses a lot on natural elements: homespun, timeworn, handcrafted, distressed items, constructed of natural materials or finished in a natural hue. While rustic style in its truest sense might appear heavy and dark today, a contemporary rustic style has emerged over the past few years that feels both fresh and real, light and grounded.

Huge Rustic Master Bedroom

Huge Rustic Master Bedroom Dwellingdecor
Source: francescaowings.com

Mountain Style U-shaped Wood Floor Eat-in Kitchen

Mountain Style U-shaped Wood Floor Eat-in Kitchen Dwellingdecor
Source: ecparchitect.com

Midcentury Interior Design

Midcentury is a reference to developments from the middle of the 20th century – mainly after World War II – in architecture, furniture, materials and technologies that become popular after the end of the war. As of now, furnishings and decor are what it is used in reference with. While the midcentury style gave us clean lines and gentle organic curves it also involved a love for different materials that are idolized by designers even today.

Mid-sized Midcentury Modern Single-wall Home Bar


Mid-sized Midcentury Modern Single-wall Home Bar Dwellingdecor
Source: tylerkaru.com

Midcentury Powder Room

Midcentury Powder Room Dwellingdecor
Source: thunziker.ca
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